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(Action) ma gasiti pe skype cu id asucme
(Action) Mp3: [Draconian - Daylight Misery]-[5:30]
(Action) Mp3: [Catamenia - Fuel For Hatred (Satyricon Cover)]-[3:32]
(Action) Mp3: [Catamenia - The Heart Of Darkness]-[5:03]
(Action) Mp3: [Scum - Night Of A 1000 Deaths]-[3:45]
(Action) Mp3: [Scum - Protest Life]-[4:19]
(Action) Mp3: [Enslaved - Isa]-[3:51]
(Action) Mp3: [In Flames - My Sweet Shadow (Promo)]-[4:04]
(Action) Mp3: [Rhapsody - The Magic Of The Wizard's Dream (Album Version)]-[4:26]
(Action) Mp3: [Destruction & All Metal Genre Vocals - The Alliance Of Hellhoundz]-[5:20]
(Action) Mp3: [Tristania - Opus Relinque (Radio Edit)]-[5:02]
(Action) Mp3: [Stratovarius - Back To Madness]-[7:42]
(Action) Mp3: [Stratovarius - Fight!!!]-[4:03]
(Action) Mp3: [Arch Enemy - I Am Legend / Out For Blood]-[4:58]
(Action) Mp3: [Arch Enemy - Skeleton Dance]-[4:34]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - Annihilation By The Hands Of God]-[5:33]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - Army Of The Sun]-[3:48]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - Baptized In The Redemption]-[3:19]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - Blood & Flames]-[5:38]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - Constitution Down]-[5:05]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - Enemy Of The State]-[5:08]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - I Don't Wanna Be (A Superhero)]-[2:02]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - In The Fire]-[4:07]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - Independent (Voice Of The Voiceless)]-[4:52]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - No Mas Control]-[3:02]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - No Way Out]-[3:27]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - Roads]-[2:25]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - The Dagger]-[5:32]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - The End]-[3:35]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - The Enemy]-[4:45]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - The Rich Man]-[6:50]
(Action) Mp3: [Roadrunner United - Tired 'N Lonely]-[3:38]
(Action) Mp3: [Trail Of Tears - Carriers Of The Scars Of Life]-[5:30]
(Action) Mp3: [Trail Of Tears - Cold Hand Of Retribution]-[4:41]
(Action) Mp3: [Trail Of Tears - Drink Away The Demons]-[4:17]
(Action) Mp3: [Trail Of Tears - Dry Well Of Life]-[3:39]
(Action) Mp3: [Trail Of Tears - Frail Expectations]-[5:25]
(Action) Mp3: [Trail Of Tears - The Architecht Of My Downfall]-[3:41]
(Action) Mp3: [Trail Of Tears - The Face Of Jealousy]-[4:56]
(Action) Mp3: [Trail Of Tears - Watch You Fall]-[4:56]
(Action) iese la o tigara
(Action) smoke time
(Action) Mp3: [Eternal Oath - A Face In The Crowd]-[3:58]
(Action) Mp3: [Eternal Oath - Act Of Fate]-[3:05]
(Action) Mp3: [Eternal Oath - At Your Hands]-[3:27]
(Action) Mp3: [Eternal Oath - Behind Tomorrow]-[4:35]
(Action) Mp3: [Eternal Oath - Death's Call]-[3:19]
(Action) Mp3: [Eternal Oath - Fallen Virtue]-[4:46]
(Action) Mp3: [Eternal Oath - Godsend]-[4:35]
(Action) Mp3: [Eternal Oath - In Despair For My Sins]-[4:12]
(Action) Mp3: [Eternal Oath - On Bitter Wings]-[4:29]
(Action) Mp3: [Eternal Oath - Second Life]-[3:48]
(Action) Mp3: [Eternal Oath - Wither]-[5:17]
(Action) Mp3: [Eternal Oath - Within My World]-[4:46]
(Action) fir-ar sa fie de lag... x-(
pt cei din timisoara: craiova va da muie!
la toate capitolele
vreti sa va repet!
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