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(Action) is away (Today is a good day to die... and the day is not yet over!)
se face scoala?
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se face scoala?
(Action) is away (Nime' nu poa' sa ma schimbe...asha'm sa fiu mereu.. un derbedeu)
(Action) Mp3: [Falkenbach - Roman Land]-[4:18]
(Action) Mp3: [Falkenbach - Walkiesjar]-[3:52]
(Action) Mp3: [Dark Lunacy - Defaced]-[5:54]
dahdum cine ii sefu` aici??
(Action) Mp3: [Dark Lunacy - Die To Reborn]-[5:53]
(Action) Mp3: [Dark Lunacy - Fiamm]-[8:20]
(Action) Mp3: [Dark Lunacy - Forget Me Not]-[11:21]
(Action) Mp3: [Dark Lunacy - Fragile Caress]-[6:57]
(Action) Mp3: [Dark Lunacy - My Dying Pathway]-[6:01]
(Action) Mp3: [Dark Lunacy - Serenity]-[6:37]
(Action) Mp3: [Dark Lunacy - Through The Non-Time]-[5:07]
(Action) Mp3: [Salem - A Moment Of Silence]-[4:50]
(Action) Mp3: [Salem - Anno Domini]-[3:55]
(Action) Mp3: [Salem - Coming End Of Reason]-[3:58]
(Action) Mp3: [Salem - Dying Embers]-[4:58]
(Action) Mp3: [Salem - Eyes To Match A Soul]-[3:54]
(Action) Mp3: [Salem - Ha'ayara Bo'eret]-[5:12]
(Action) Mp3: [Salem - Hour Glass]-[5:20]
(Action) Mp3: [Salem - Old Wounds (Guest Vocalists Version)]-[5:07]
(Action) Mp3: [Salem - Old Wounds]-[5:35]
(Action) Mp3: [Salem - Recall]-[4:57]
(Action) is away (Nime' nu poa' sa ma schimbe...asha'm sa fiu mereu.. un derbedeu)
(Action) isi ridica ochii..si face cu mana..Neatza ppl!!! :)
(Action) salutare barosanilor!

(Action) da din degetele de la picioare
(Action) vai..ninge ca-n povesti..
(Action) let me be your lover tanana
(Action) intra in BRB
(Action) baaaaaaaaaaaaaack
(Action) wow wow ce ninge..yay
(Action) brb da`va draq
(Action) trebuie sa iu note maaaaaaaaaaari! :)) nu am vazut in viata mea note de 4!:)))
(Action) alo da..cine e..:))
(Action) am examene..am obligatii la scoala..tre sa iau note mari!=))
(Action) scoala uaaaaaaaaay
(Action) ragaie..hm..nu`i ora mea de ragait ce dreq!:))
(Action) "nu mai esti fata din vis" =))=))
(Action) BRB
(Action) :(
(Action) :( iar stranut
(Action) neever lift your head up to the east
(Action) 'cause darkness wakes the beeeeeeeeeest
(Action) In a dream I saw things that will be
(Action) Centuries away
(Action) huhuh
(Action) brb in 15 min
(Action) tananananananannaan
(Action) Ad3 :)) ce ti-am zis eu tie!?:))))
(Action) am laaaaaaaaaaag
(Action) Pleak
(Action) cand ma uit la soare..vad lumina..simt caldura lui
(Action) tari ca niste zeeeeeeeeiiiiii
(Action) totusi il mai vad...in special; fasolea=))
(Action) nu mai pleaca..nu nu:D
(Action) onee loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee
(Action) you say..
(Action) one looooooooooooveeeee..one lifeeeeee
(Action) too late..tonight..ONE..
(Action) carry each other..:/
(Action) love is a tample..love a higher law..you ask me to enter
(Action) m-am :(
(Action) stati-ar in gat sa`ti stea!
(Action) viata e prea rea pt unii:/
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