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!seen run
hello everyone, i'm trying to mix some vb6 and asm code by messing with vb6's linker (which is actualy the same linker that masm uses)
basicly i add to the linker call one more .obj file which contains my code
if i have no external references in my asm obj then the program works fine
if i have any external references the .exe is generated
but it gets messed up, i opened it with ollydebugger and in the first case the memory map contains a lot of dlls, including vb6 runtime (msvbvm60.dll)
in the second case only kernel32 and ntdll appears, besides the main module, of course
does anyone have any idea how can i fix this?
some extra param to the linker i should add?
did anyone ever use Robert Heinig's linkspoof ?
telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl
Wrong window, I guess.
bye all
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