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i wonder
how are treaties in argentina with say chile
or brazil
i have to go to work
Uhm, with Brazil we have good treaties.
chile? thats a big border to defend
Nope, nobody likes Chile in Southamerica :_P
Anyway, there's a big mountain in the middle.
im surprised
id imagine chile to argentina is like the us to canda
but perhaps its a weak enough country that there is no concern
and they would be rather easy to isolate, providing your navy is vastly superior
They're rather easy to isolate.
i would still be concerned of a foreign invader using your disdain for chile as a means to create treaties with them and use that big border as a point of entry
this is why the candians have it best ;]
their future is tied to the future of the US
they provide a buffer for attack
and we will defend
so they get the economic and military security of the US
without spending $50 billion annually on a military

That's a good deal.
Chile "helped" UK in the Falkland's war.
well we get to not have to worry about our very large northern border very much, and if anyone tries to invade through there, then we get a canadian buffer
im not incredibly familar with the falkland's war, you must excuse my ignorance
the reason to support the strength of a countries military is that strength provides the ability to all other values
there are no philosophers in a place where you must be concerned about survival at all times
sure western europe is doing good now
but 70 years ago?
the tactical positions of the US provides the best guarantee that one can create of sustaining your stature of life
the view of an empire, perhaps
this is also why i dont think iraq was about oil
what did the billions of dollars we've spent on war get us
that we couldnt have gotten cheaper with bribery using the same money
I don't know how much is oil
why is iran so angry with us? aside from the current situation
because we paid for a revolution there previously
we could've done the same thing in iraq
or we could've just greased the palms of the right people
invading iraq just makes the oil more expensive
it does however provide another country with permanent us military bases
A very good place.
we basically have iran surrounded
it puts us tactically in a good position for anything that may happen in asia
and despite the end of the cold war, russia is still a sensitive country
so we obtain another front should one ever be necessary with them
Why is Russia a sensitive country?
Aren't they poor nowadays?
well two basic reasons as i understand it
(1) as clinton was told 'do not forget we still have all the nuclear weapons we had 20 years ago'
(2) they still maintain an active intelligence program against the US
alliances between china and russia also make the situation somewhat rocky, but i havent found anyone that truly agree's with me
plus i think its partially that old habits die hard
we actually have the most fronts out of any spot of conflict
if war became necessary with the ussr
erm russia, excuse me
i dont see it happening
but i dont see anything wrong with preparing in case it ever became necessary
russia actually provides the biggest threat of anything
even if we wanted to sit back
and lob nukes at iran from the US
we couldnt
all sorts of bells and whistles start going off in russia
which may/may not invoke a response
anyways i need to go
(Action) &
See you.
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Hi EwIck, Yoan
yo bi**hes
and guys
if any
I'm a bi**h... but remember, you're my best customer.

I did get quite a few VD shots because of you
It isn't my fault if you want *whole* the dirty thing.
yeah.. sorry about that in your eye
(Action) hugs EwIck
no no
clean up first
Come on, it's your own pee.
La quiero a morir, la quiero a morir (?)
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here is a quiz question. how would YOU implement va_arg() on amd64? ;)
you are allowed to use __builtin_va_arg(). then the question becomes how you would implement that one
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