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https://www.assembla.com/code/katmagic-misc/git/node/live/trueonion/true_onion.user.js <-- Change tor2web.com links to actual .onion links.
arma: that is correct
anyone knows which method is best for encryption of files?
I see there is openssl, that can do it, and gnupg, it seems like gnupg uses El-Gamal only for encryption
on the other hand openssl had a few glitches on debian recently :S
#nottor ?
i got question and i cant find it on documentation
is it possible to tor use exit node only once for some time period?
i am sending now 'signal NEWNYM' via telnet
but it seams like exit node are repeats
hey, I've used tor in the past on a windows box and I'm trying to set it up on a osx machine but the DMG seems to only have the vidalia app as well as the firefox plugin. I cant find the tor binary anywhere. I'm I looking in the wrong place?
vidalia will launch tor for you
that's the theory at least
it it cant because the tor binary is MIA

ok. hopefully an osx person will appear here soon then :)
"vidalia was unable to start Tor. Check your settings to ensure the correct name and location of your Tor executable is specified"
i have no idea why the image is missing the file but its awefully frustrating!
devnill: you're probably hit by a known bug. Try removing the Library/Vidalia directory in your home directory while Vidalia is turned off, and then restarting Vidalia.
If someone has your hidden service's private key, can they identify you?
i think i figured it out
the bug is that vidalia was configured improperly because it didnt map the tor binary to the right spot
katmagic: I don't think so, at least I can't imagine an immediate attack. They can impersonate you, obviously.
Yay. :-)
I can run shallot in the cloud, then.
(Instead of on my 1.6GHZ Atom.)
hello, I am setting up a tor server. My logs look good, It's saying all the neat nice things the documentation says to look for but I don't think my apache is translating it properly. Any ideas?
heh, you got farther than i did. I set it up and i have people connecting to me but i cant get online with it
I mean it may very well be running. I am at work though and don't feel too comfortable connecting to a tor node here :p
does it take time for the dns to propagate?
oh, yeah sometimes
ive had a dns server take several days to update before
salsa: Sorry not following. You're asking if your relay is up or not, right? If so (and you have its fingerprint) you can check here: http://torstatus.blutmagie.de/
it takes around an hour for it to enter the consensus, then a few more for traffic to ramp up (dns has nothing to do with it)
wait... sorry, the apache part makes no sense either... do you mean a website mirror?
woohoo I figured it out somehow
It really wasn't that hard.
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