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Xgc: truthfully i'd rather just drop the timezone completely and assume UTC throughout.
atriv: Well, given that you were using tz, your result was off by 8 hours. It makes a big difference when you generate +4 instead of -4.
any consensus on the optimizer? just migrated production a couple of weeks ago, i've had to use _optimizer_ads_use_result_cache and i'm a bit paranoid about the new adaptive features in general as far as performance goes
set _optimizer_ads_use_result_cache=FALSE, that is - was seeing high "Result Cache: RC Latch" wait times
undah: haven't seen a lot of performance related issues so far. our performance issues lately have been related to SQL profiles
Dormir: as in, SQL profiles you kept from before the upgrade?
undah: some were from before, some were after
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