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hey guys, is a schema and user the same thing?
Hi. I have a job that have THIS_DATE/THIS_SEC as not NULL in DBA_JOBS, which should indicate that it is running, right?
But DBA_JOBS_RUNNING returns nothing
i have an java application trying to insert something wrong on database and it returns ORA-01438
i made a trigger to read that information before insert into the table
but its not getting the data
can some1 tell if is something wrong on trigger?
its trying to save the data into a file
all good with with the log files.
plus it is only working if i manually insert into database
oTToRoCk: Why do you have a commit inside a trigger? What is the original INSERT that caused the problem? What is the exact problem / error?
one application on my work, is running since 2005 now it when try to make new users return ORA-01438 about precision number larger them dabatase can accept, i'm trying to see that insert to check what is comming to database from the apllication
oTToRoCk: This is justg one of MANY ways an application could make a mistake when inserting. Don't try to plug this one hole. Fix the application to not insert bad data.
oTToRoCk: or have the application handle the error to report the data problem.
^ ^ the application has bad log system
oTToRoCk: The application needs to be fixed. The database isn't capable of handling all the different ways the application could fail.

all good
oTToRoCk: For instance, the application could mistakenly try to insert an alphabetic string in an numeric type.
oTToRoCk: A trigger couldn't handle that.
thx for ur help, ill try run jboss on debug mode and check what is wrong
does procedures in oracle which have inserts and update auto commit?
moreover, when do I need to commit? delete, insert, update?
I'm trying to automate Oracle installation on CentOS 6 (64-bit) using response files. It will install but there are files missing. However when I install with the GUI, the files are present. I'm missing at least 2 files in $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/install/
as the root.sh script fails with 'rootadd_rdbms.sh' and 'rootadd_filemap.sh' don't exist.
Never mind. I found the issue.
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