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I have a query that I taking too long to execute. If i calculate the plan of the query in SQL Tools Client then the plan that shows up is different then then one that oracle uses during runtime (and that's tha only plan in plan history so I cannot create a Profile either) Is there a way to change the current plan or force a new plan?
hi guys, i have installed oracle 11g express edition on Centos. I am able to connect to the oracle instance from the localhost. But when i am trying to connect it on the network it is not working. I tried tnspinging the server from a machine on the LAN. But tnsping is timed out.
Any solutions? or suggestions
you probably need to open port 1521 in local firewall
petteja, i added a rule in iptables for 1521 and port 8080
8080 for web interface. But I am not able to access the web interface as well
petteja, Is there any oracle setting to allow remote connections ?
tnsping should work
no firewall? or are the two machines on the same subnet?
petteja, yes both machines on same network
i have installed oracle on a centos 7 machine
i only know about iptables in linux
i hope think there is no other firewall
petteja, ah i fixed it man
anyways thanks for the help
you was right
it was firewall only
there is firewalld daemon
in centos 7
but i was configuring rule in iptables
and it was not working
it tried stopiing daemon and it just worked
now i will try to configure it
ah, cool :)
hali: hi
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