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guys, what am I missing, trying to start RAC node after reboot, I've shutdown it with srvctl stop instance -d db -i inst / crsctl stop crs
now crsctl start crs fails, crsctl check cluster -all says that node cannot communicate with CRS
altho crsctl check has says HAS are online
hi guys i am using oracle database. How do i find out which values does not exist in another table. i have tried this select bo.user_id from users u left join user_old uo on bo.user_id = uo.user_id where uo.user_id is null; but got nothing back. i just want to see which user id doesnt not exist in bo.user_id
baako: not in - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14200/conditions013.htm
baako: well, your query is not valid, there is no "bo" alias
baako: but the idea seems correct, what you are looking for is called anit-join
MatheusOl, its solved now
baako: there are basically 3 methods for doing that: LEFT JOIN + IS NULL, NOT EXISTS, or NOT IN. The first two are the preferred ones
i was joining it to the wrong thing
MatheusOl, got another issue
trying to find the missing record
that didnt update but this one is abit more complex
hi guys am using oracle db. I ran this merge http://kopy.io/J7vKQ to update the main table with new record. but the issue is 1 record didn't get updated and i want to find the id of the of which didnt get updated. SKRHINS_PIDM and SKRHINS_NUMHUS makes the primary key. this si what i tried http://kopy.io/BCuil but this seems to return records of the records which got updated via the merge
regarding finding differences in the tables, you could have also done select user from a minus select user from b. to get users in a which is not in b

lol sql minus to the rescue
useful :)
petteja, today is the first time i have had to use it evr
I have a query that I taking too long to execute. If i calculate the plan of the query in SQL Tools Client then the plan that shows up is different then then one that oracle uses during runtime (and that's tha only plan in plan history so I cannot create a Profile either) Is there a way to change the current plan or force a new plan?
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