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I have small trouble with complex query
I have one table which consist text id`s for all names in db
then wish to make query that show data from more than one table but some data have to got textid from this one textid table
how do i do schema export to remote maschine? (its clear how to do it localy)
Reign1_, datapump
expdp + impdp
Sorry, the wrong prompt
are there any oracle sales reps that hang out in this channel? :-)
(Action) thought that asking a question like that here would be like throwing a bloody piece of fresh meat in a shark tank, but perhaps he was wrong
seems like there's someone else here besides me that lives in Long Beach though
i did a ERM on MySQL Workbench, there is some way to use the mysql script to create oracle tables ?
if i install the windows client, i should get a tnsnames.ora file created correct?
or do i have to add that?
you have to add it. there should be a sample one in the sample directory

i dont have a network/admin directory
should i have that?
my fault
i installed instant client
installing administrator
I exported some data from a db and imported it to another. in that tranferred table is a col with the type timestamp(6). but after i imported the data into the second db, i cant seletc data with where-clauses which work with the timestamp-col. I guess it referrs to different codepages of both DBs!? how can i fix that?! please help!
more detailed: http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=1082593&stqc=true
can anyone remind me what are compress options for tablespace on 10g2? as 11g2 is FOR ALL OPERATIONS and some others, cant remember what are on 10g2
Quick question. I want to install the free version of Oracle on a linux machine.. what's the best distro to use for this? (and by best, I mean easiest to set up)
the one you feel comfortable with?
ubuntu or centos/fedora run oracle xe fine
if gentoo is what you feel comfortable with, not so much
debian is probably ok, if anyone still runs that
Cool, so Ubuntu it is :)
hali: http://www.google.de/trends?q=debian%2Credhat%2Ccentos%2Csuse%2Cgentoo&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=1
debian is still a very wide used distro :) and next to redhat/suse you mostly get the choice of debian for servers
the problem with debian is that its either too bleeding edge or too old
and debs suck
it's stable as it can be, secure more than most other distros. the security fixes are mostly faster than from every commercial distro
yes it is old, but if you need security/stability here you go
and debs suck - why?
oh right, real secure, like when they set the randomizer to a fixed number ;)
debs suck (real bad) because they dont include meta info on the files
greetings gentlemen
never really ran around this problem
I need to have stable,secure and low maintenance server - that's what debian is giving me
i need to make some table case insensitive, so in SQLPlus i do ; alter session set NLS_COMP=ANSI; alter session set NLS_SORT=BINARY_CI; and then it works with SQLPlus, but the user will have Business Object and (certainly) connect through ODBC to the instance, so is there a way to male those settings default in BO or registry ?
that's ok i found the right registry entry to set those env var
I've just installed Oracle express, it was running sweet until I restarted my box and now I can't seem to get it back up again
hyphenex: as a user in the DBA group open a command prompt ... run "sqlplus / as sysdba" then type startup
gladier: I get ORA-01081: cannot start already-running ORACLE - shut it down first
wait, sorry
ever do something really stupid?
I moved to box over to the DMZ and changed the IP address but didn't change it in my browser *face plant*
very sorry
ah :)
how do you change databases in Oracle, use database_name? I know this is simple. But working for me.
how do you list the tables in a database?
select * from user_objects where object_type = 'TABLE';

tipme: You reconnect as a different user -or- just preface your table names with accessible schema names.
ok. thank you.
tipme: If you really have mutliple database instances, you can use remote links to refer to other databases. I don't think that's what you meant.
anybody here could help me with a trouble with oracle in pro*c ?
webbi: Asking to ask isn't a good start. Just state your problem and then wait. Don't wait to state your problem.
Xgc: ok... here we go then
im using pro*c to connect to an oracle database and exec some querys... the prolem i have is that if the database got disconnected during an sql exec, the program hangs until the database got back online...
this happen when the database is not-graceful disconnected
lets say, i turn off the server where the db is
usn !
Hey, so I have a copy of Oracle DB 10.2 which I connected to with "sqlplus '/ as sysdba'" and setup the database, and created a user for that db and a password. The user has now forgotten the password, but I can't login anymore to reset it
I never explicitly set a password for sys and the db doesn't have a password file. So I created one with orapwd and set sys password to something I knew
but how do I make the new database use the password file so I can authenticate as the sys user?
Anyone have any suggestions?
Anyone know the correct version of the java jdk needed for sql developer 2.1.1 ?
niko-nojo: 1.6_11 and above
drdimitri - root@:~# java -version
java version "1.6.0_18"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.8) (6b18-1.8-0ubuntu1)
OpenJDK Server VM (build 14.0-b16, mixed mode) ... is this ok ?
oops - sorry, about that format
niko_nojo: I don't know is sql dev runs with openjdk
But 1.6.0_18 should be ok
drdimitri - I though I got that version from the java website.
OpenJDK is not the official SUN JDK: It's an implementation of the Java Platform: http://openjdk.java.net/
Do you have problems running sql dev?
drdimitri - can I get an official java install for ubuntu 10.04
If there is no dep available try http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/widget/jdk6.jsp
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