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hello everyone, i'd just installed oracle in ubuntu following the official guide. is there any GUI to operate? or we could only use browser? thx
how to use join condition on multiple columns
only one join is done instead of two in join condion on multiple columns
can someone explain sys_refcursor?
im supposed to call a stored procedure to get a set of changes, the documentation says 'returns SYS_REFCURSOR' and im clueless :)
the connection driver just references a cursor (a query thats been opened and result pointers just sitting around). that way you can do more complex things with the results of the cursor. like jump ahead or back through the results. or page through it
versus getting flooded with all data from the query at once in a nondescript format
thats the idiot definition of it
its also a structure to itself
but a refcursor doesnt even have to be associated w/ a query yet.
What's the best performance-wise way to change the size of a column that contains data ? (in a table with a really large number of rows)
with an appended column in the same table, a temp table, some system magic, etc ?
I add a column using execute immediate 'alter table .. add ..'; and then try to set some values to it in the same pl/sql block. I'm getting an ORA-00904 - invalid identifier. The column name is 'DBTMPCLMN', which I believe is valid. What is the issue here, do I need to somewhat commit the execute immediate changes after them ?
Here is an example - http://pastebin.com/ZNeSRLpX , I'm getting an invalid identifier for DIFFDBTMPCLMN on line 9
thats some seriously ugly code
is this a 1 time thing or will you be doing it often?
it's a generated code for a database update
I know it might be a performance hit copying data on large tables, but as far as I get it it's the only way
(aside from creating a new table with proper column definitions or using dmbs_redefinition)

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