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Hi, in configuring WebLogic ssl with keystore, how can I specify which certificate to present to the client? For example, I configured WL with private key A, generated cert request for A, signed the cert request to get cert B, but when user visits the https server WebLogic doesn't present cert B
How to instruct WL to present the signed cert?
people still use weblogic?
RJarett: only when customer requests it
that sucks
I know what you mean
no clue on that one. apache for me only
Ok, to answer my own question: Which type of import is intended is indicated by the value of the -alias option. If the alias exists in the database, and identifies an entry with a private key, then it is assumed you want to import a certificate reply. keytool checks whether the public key in the certificate reply matches the public key stored with the alias, and exits if they are different. If the alias identifies the other type of
Straight from the keytool docs. :(
my bad
I have a quick questoin
I had a working ocfs2 system for oracle rac
but now I'm getting this on one of the nodes after one of my counterparts incorrectly ran oifcfg --setif on the ethernet device rather than the bonded device
Ocfs2 does not mount : Transport endpoint not connected
one node doesn't have any issues but the second node does, has anyone had this issue before? I googled it and got a bunch of responses back, but none of them seem to pertain to my issue
any help would be greatly appreciated
looking for oracle jobseekers in the US

youre a canadian?
i am
my wife has a bunch of placements
im just looking through my means
you have any interest?
Not really. wouldnt uproot my family
shes got a bunch all over from my understanding
but i understand what your sayin
if ya know anyone that might shes at www.start-tomorrow-jobs.org - to send resumes to anyhow...nothing posted there at this time...mebbe ill have time soon
actually - looking at what i posted ....shes looking for companys IN the US...lol
not to move ya up here....not enough cold to go around yanno
i need help , anyone have ever installed oracle 10gr2 in centos 5.2 xD
i think so yes
corpxicle can u help me?
depends on the problem obv
i'm trying to full fill the preinstallation requirements
if thats your problem, then the solution is : fulfill the preinstallation requirements
if theres anything more specific you want help with, please let me know
well i'm opening sysctl.conf to configure the kernel parameter now
it said that shmmax = Half the size ofphysical memory (in bytes)
it means 1/2 of thesize of my ram rite?
but i c that in the file already have value kernel.shmmax = 4294967295
i must change it?
you really need to consider your questions better
i have no idea how much ram you have
and if you dont know what "half the size of physical memory" means, you need to take some computer science classes
or english classes
im not purpousley trying to be rude
just pointing out facts
oh sorry
i just confused here coz i have 1GB ram then the half value is 536870912 i c that the default value is 4294967295, which is greater
quite a lot greater
the value should reflect your actual situation
the note said If the current value for any parameter is higher than the value listed in this table, then do not change the value of that parameter.
so if it says half of physical memory, it should probably be half of physical memory
someone else in here might have another view of this
so i'm asking i must change it or not?
hmm ok i think i din't have to chage it
hi guys I just did an install of Oracle 11g R2, am wondering if it has Oracle Spatial, Data Mining, DW and OLAP etc already installed or are these additional packages that I have to install on top?
is there a way to check?
check with oracle inventory ?
how do I do that?
is there a command or am I looking at some file?
mator: any ideas?

start sqlplus and it usually lists what is installed
and is it v$version ?
hmm that just tells me the banner or something
but yeah the sqlplus said "with the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options"
is Oracle Spatial something seperate?
check if mdsys exists
probaly not the best way to check .. but works
do I just select * from mdsys?
CBro2007, run oracle database installer, choose 'advanced installation', hit 'installed products', save as ... and browse that file
you can do it probably without running a database installer, but i've no idea how to parse oracle inventory xml files, read more at http://becomeappsdba.blogspot.com/2006/12/orainventory-in-oracle.html
I'm having major performance issue on an oracle development server I installed myself. This is the atop screenshot: http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/viewimage.php?id=521 This was my first oracle installation/configuration and I may had done something wrong. I installed oracle 10g on Debian 64bit. I've no problem giving you any other information you think that could be useful to understand what's going on and what's using so much resources. The machine wher
e it is running is supposed to be a well suited one and there is only a single application using the database at the moment with a single user
./product/11.1.0/db_1/OPatch/opatch lsinventory -detail
hali, what is "./product/11.1.0/db_1/bin/oracle" process ?
i'm really first time seeing it
mastro, can you check what disk files are being read/writen ? since there's also a disk activity
mator, sure.. but i don't know how to check this, if you know how can you tell me?
hi, im new to oracle, im developing some views to let users to importa data to excel, i want to give them permision to read only this views, i give them the lm_view1 ... lm_viewN names
the tablespace is USER and the user is PEEP :)
i know CREATE USER PEEP identified by peeppass default tablespace USERS; ... this is the way i created PEEP as a user, then i did grant connect, resource to PEEP; and then ...grant unlimited tablespace to PEEP;...... then i imported the dmp file doing : imp SYSTEM/qwerty12345 fromuser=ts touser=PEEP file=thinksof.dmp log=thinksof.log
all this worked fine (only some objects were not imported) but now i want to create these other users
brb, thanks
hi all
can someone tell me why this SQL is not able to order by item?
I thought this was possible and quite simple
is it coz I am doing a having in the group by clause?
any suggestions?
its not making much sense to me as to why it doesn't manage to order by here in this case
can someone please have a look.. as it seems pretty simple
Greetings gentlemen
i've just read about High-Water Mark, is it still true with 10g and 11g DB that if you delete large amount of data in a table you have to move it in another TBS to adjust the HWM consequently ?
mator, is it ok to do an lsof when the performance issue happen? (to monitor file usage) i don't know how to monitor them in other way. My manager say that I should make oracle print statistics to find out which queries are taking so much but I don't think that a single application with a single user can kill oracle so much, even with a really bad query
mastro, yes, it's ok to use lsof if it well tested on your platform/os
mastro, you can also try to query oracle with sql (sqlplus) to see what is current long-running queries
mastro, like http://www.lazydba.com/oracle/0__122982.html
err, sqlplus user/password@//server:port/service_name work, sqlplus user@//server:port/service_name throws a syntax error? The @// part looks fishy, what does it mean?
I can't find any manual references to this @// syntax
cmug, looks like a windows notation
mator, but it works in a linux sqlplus session
or it doesn't work if I leave the pw out
and it also does not work if I leave the // out
i have to explicitly define the password and then it works
I have an ora-1450 error when trying to create a database with the dbvault option (11gR2) but cannot seem to fix it...
Has anyone encountered this problem?
Online index rebuilding has stricter limitations on the maximum key length that can be handled, compared to other methods of rebuilding an index. If an ORA-1450 (maximum key length exceeded) error occurs when rebuilding online, try rebuilding offline, coalescing, or dropping and recreating the index.
idletask, from http://download-west.oracle.com/docs/cd/B28359_01/server.111/b28310/indexes004.htm
mator, it's at database creation time...
And this makes the creation of the database fail altogether :/
i did grant select on thinksof.censo to uservista001; (next to CREATE USER uservista001 identified by peep default tablespace USERS;) BUT i can see it in select * from all_users;
i also did grant select on thinksof.censo to uservista001; and got ok
now i want to import the data-view from excel and it dont see this user nor the select in isqlplus
when i search using plsql gui, i see uservista001 but no objetc is granted to him,
mator, thanks!
Help :(
I have tried reinstalling the engine from scratch and still get the erro :(
Hi there. Just a question : are there any people that installed Oracle Grid Control 10g on Debian ?
Well, not me
is there any way that I can use ALTER TRIGGER in DECLARE block?
i need to load data from csv into existing table with sqlloader, is this there a tool for creating the control file based on the desired table?
not that i know, what exactly are you looking for? a GUI that lets you click "LOAD", "INFILE" and "FIELDS" together?
TheBonsai: I just need a base script that could put the name of the columns in the ctrl file, that is the most annoying thing
i just would have to set some options if i need
a simple shellscript could do, maybe
http://www.oracleutilities.com/OSUtil/sqlldr.html like this one it seems
good catch
good evening
how do I get a list of transactions that will contain ALL items in a list say item list is (1,2,3) .. then I want only the trx IDs that contain ALL these items in them, not the rest
any ideas?
"transaction"? i think you assume we know your data schema :)
you should clarify a lot better first ;)
hmm lets see
say you have a table like TRX_ITEM( trx_id number, item_id number)
and then in this you have multiple rows for each item belonging to a single trx
and you want them in a list comma seperated?
so tuples might look like {1,2} {1,3} {1,4} {2,4} {2,5} etc
in those table entries I just listed
I want to do a SQL which will return me trx_ids of the transactions that contain items 2 and 3 and 4
what's what?
so that should return me trx_id = 1
where item_id in (1,2,3,4) -- like that?
first one is trx_id, second col is item_id
yeah but that would return also the rows where say there is ONLY item 1 or ONLY item 3
which is not right
this is not an easy SQL :)
it's a hierarchical case
does it need to be hierarchical?
but I did not fully understand the problem yet
let me paste it ... maybe makes more sense
hang on
pastebin please
gimme 2
yeah pastebin
usn_work: he has a list of transaction <-> item, every transaction can have multiple items, he wants the transaction(s) which have all items he queries
maybe there's a way with a subselect, but its a hard one
select trx_id, item_id where trx_id in(1,2,3) and item_id in (7,8,9); but with enforcement
TheBonsai: yes
Its a real pain in the butt I tell you
It needs something nifty for sure
don't even know what to search for on google
any clues?
lemme know if you can figure this one out or find something useful on the web for it
posted it on #sql too
it IS hierarchical
connect by is your friend
a very special case, but should give you an idea, CBro2007
hah, having ....
hi Rudemeister
weeee rolling back patch 9119284
hey guys
i have a table and it only has one column called name. if i want to insert multiple rows what is the best way. Right now i do INSERT INTO table_name values('test');
then i keep repeating that , is there anyway to multiple row insertion with one long sql statement
i'm using oracle9i
wow, that's old o_O
you could use SQL*Loader
oh wait, he already left.. sigh.
you need to be faster
we also still got some customers using ora9i, mostly them with rac/backup databases :D
i tell them EXTENDED support will soon be over
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