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I have this theory I would like to discuss. We moved our application to a new system which is supposed to be much faster. Now it turned out that the applications became incredibly slow and I'm trying to figure out why. The systems are completely different. Other operating system, disk subsystem, CPUs etc. One difference is that we ran both the application and oracle on the same server, using IPC, and now it's separated and uses SQL*Net.
It turns out that the application works in a nasty way. When it needs to search for a specific row in a table, it does not use select ... where, but rather it picks the first row, discards it, picks the second etc. until it found what it was looking for
now I'm wondering whether this could cause an overhead large enough for said effects when done via tcp
I did some number crunching and came up with an overhead of 5-10 microseconds for each request. The error bounds are huge but that's approximately the delay I try to explain
so, instead of selecting the data it needs, it selects all of the data, 1 at a time, and stops once it finds the row it needs?
yeah, that's a problem
Dormir: precisely
Dormir: I had to dig through COBOL code for three days to figure that out and it still hurts
but that's the way the application works and it can't change it
it's clear to me that this is not exactly the best way to do it but the question is whether it could have that much impact
Dormir: because on the old setup, things weren't exactly fast but certainly not as slow as it is now
Dormir: I will do the benchmark tomorrow on the old system but we believe that what was done in < 5 seconds now runs for > 15 seconds
Dormir: so I was hoping to find some people in here with a lot more experience that could comment whether my theory (TCP/IPC overhead stuff) may hold
moving from local connections to remote ones could account for it
but the fact that someone would cod ethat way is just painful
Dormir: yes I agree
oh and it wasn't us for the records... this is a third party application... from the business leader etc.
if this turns out to be the cause, it's going to be very tricky to fix it I suppose :(
build or buy a better app
yes the directory was joking that if it turns out that this is related to the separation of app and db, we would have to look for another application... not sure how he will react when he learns that he has to look for another application...
director even
you should look for another app because if something like that is poorly coded, who know what else is done in a crazy, inefficient way
Dormir: after the code review I did during the last few days, I can safely proclaim that almost everything is

is it possible to check with a selectstatement if a username exists befor insert it in one statement?
I'm writing a script that queries a server over a bad link (breaks often). How can I make my selects time out and exit after a few seconds if connectivity is lost as opposed to stalling forever?
hi all. would you please take a look at this? I'm a bit stuck: http://pastebin.com/d33804fa
sorry, try that again: http://pastebin.com/m16378e0e
One question: when I try to ED <filename /> in SQLPlus
EDIT abc.sql
abc.sql: No such file or directory
How to fix that?
host (press enter) vi filename
whats so hard about doing it the better way
Er new to Oracle entirely :P
and actually doing it for a friend via remote access :/
host out and then edit it
Ok done
hope you dont come from a mysql background
good morning all
i have a strange issue, i can connect to rman with "rman target SYS@SID AS SYSDBA nocatalog" but not with "rman target / nocatalog"
ORACLE_SID is setup correctly
ok i found the problem ORACLE_SID was set in ~/.bashrc and in /etc/profile.d to different paths
hello, how can i find in which views is used one table?
hi all
I get this error libskgxp10.so is missing. it's there already. I have $ORACLE_HOME set. what should I add similar to the $ORACLE_HOME?
there - where ?
mator, in my computer of course.
in the oracle installation directories
how it can be missing then? :)

I asked this question yesterday and just wanted to reiterate to remind anybody who might answer; Is there a way to roll multiple DDL statements into a transaction so if any of them fail the structure of the database is restored to before the transaction?
hey anyone knows how I can print 'hello world' from oracle sql commands in the browser. i'm using 10g XE
DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE( 'hello world' ); doesn't work -- invalid statement
hey how can I output hello world in oracle 10g XE from the broser sql commands window ? i've tried DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line but it says invalid statement.
select 'hello world' from dual;
select 'hello world' from dual;
prompts me for user name and pwd
i'm selecting it and clicking run
Dormir, today the error in the same applications as yesterday is different, "ODBC error: (HY000) - [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01483: invalid length for DATE or NUMBER bind variable"
same table and same update sql
apparently this is identified as a bug in and is fixed in
mator, select 'hello world' from dual; works :) thanks alot
hallo... anyone here familiar with using emcli to add targets to Grid Control?
Installed Oracle 10G-r2 on a Sun-Ultra40-M2 workstation with 2x AMD-dual-core Opterons, and 8-gig ram, 2x250gb SATA HDD in ZFZ-Mirror configuration - running OpenSolaris. Target-application is "Project.Net".
Project.net works great so far and is plenty fast. However, even when not in use, oracle seems to be constantly accessing the disk, and slows the entire system to a crawl. Also accessing the web-based Oracle-Enterprise-Manager Console has gotten progressively worse - now some pages take > 5min to load, or won't load at all.
DB., and App have been installed and very-lightl used since October. Overall problem seems to be deteroriating however. I've flipped through some docs but this is my first experience with oracle.
Anyone have suggestions on where to look for obvious problems or possible noob mis-configurations?
Also Flashback Retention Time = 168 hours, Flashback Time = Oct, 3rd, 2009 ... Flash Recovery Area = 30GB, Reclaimeable 8GB, Free 323MB. However, Image-Copy = 1.85 GB; Archive Log 3.78 GB, Flashback Log 15.41 GB ...
Bottom line - system is sluggish, and HDD I/O Light is solid green 24/7 when Oracle is running. "# /etc/init.d/dbora stop" and system goes "back to normal" ...
how do you replicate an oracle database encrypted?
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