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why does defaultNChar=true make it so I can't enter data into CLOBs using the OracleResultSet from an INSERT x INTO foo VALUES (EMPTY_CLOB()) RETURNING x INTO (?) type of statement?
if defaultNChar=false it works just fine
I can write to an NCLOB with defaultNChar=true but not a CLOB =\
normally inserting values into the clob (i.e. INSERT INTO foo VALUES (?)) works fine.
this is on a 10g DB with latest 10g JDBC driver -- tried with OCI and Thin
no exceptions raised -- just silently leaves my CLOB empty.
i am trying to check the total size of my db
used this query
its giving me error
from sys.v$log ) c
ERROR at line 7:
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
who are you?
isn't v$log a public synonym?
yes, but isn't viewable by all unless O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY is set
TheBonsai, i am new user of oracle,
i am not much aware of it
pls tell me how to check the complete size of db
hi, i have a PL/SQL function that returns a sys_refcursor. However, I can't find out how to use this from another PL/SQL procedure? I can fetch the result of the function but not iterate through it.. can anybody help? I'm using Oracle 9i
good morning
whats the best way to clear data only from the table? delete or truncate?
do you need it transactional?
Faster is TRUNCATE, but without undo/redo security

m00 usn
m00 TheBonsai
hi, any one know about the use of multithreads in Solaris with Oracle?
any clue?
Hi, anyone installed the Oracle Instant Client on Solaris 10?
telles, what do yo mean?
mator: want to know if enable multithread is better or no, and when...
whats highwater mark?
is "oracle.pool.minlimit" an actual oracle/jdbc parameter ?
are joins with REFERENCES clause faster than without it?
hello all
someone can explain this error "ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel"
CSS, CRS, EVM are healthy, nodeapps and asm are running
~> oerr ora 03113
03113, 00000, "end-of-file on communication channel"
/ *Cause: The connection between Client and Server process was broken.
/ *Action: There was a communication error that requires further investigation.
/ First, check for network problems and review the SQL*Net setup.
/ Also, look in the alert.log file for any errors. Finally, test to
/ see whether the server process is dead and whether a trace file
/ was generated at failure time.
usn_work: i tried to connect with "sqlplus / AS SYSDBA" and did a startup
usn_work: both ora.rac*.vip are Online
alert log?
usn_work: where to find DB_HOME/logs ?
usn_work: sudo find / -name alert.log returns nothing
what's your bdump directory?
usn_work: good question ;)
show parameter dump
usn_work: RA-03114: not connected to ORACLE :D
usn_work: i i think i have it
df -h
sorry wrong terminal
usn_work: ok i have it
it points me to a file *_diag_23912.trc
usn_work: this file is long and very ugly :(
if i only wanna clear table from data, its truncate table table_name drop storage; or?

when creating a stored procedure i get a compiler error saying that the cursor cannot be a number
which is true
but we didnt declare a cursor attribute
if you dont declare one, is one of the columns automaticly a cursor attribute ?
any use oracle and php, had a question on oci_bind_by_name that i didnt see answered well on google
I am trying to set the length parameter in that function (to set the size for the input and output strings) but its complaining too short or large, not sure what it perfect. -1 doesnt work ...
i set it to 106 and it says ORA-06502: too small, set it to 107 and says ORA-12899: too large lol
how to know which foreign key is causing problem? ORA-02297: cannot disable constraint (IRMS.CARD_PK) - dependencies exist
greetings gentlemen
i have just migrate a 13 GB MSSQL DB to oracle 11g, and i would have 2 questions:
1/ for the migration i had to use a specific schema and the USERS/TEMP tablespaces, now i need to create new tablespaces and a new user , and move the table onto that new tablespaces that belong to the new user
does the new tablespace have to bleong to the migration user too ?
2/In the sqlplus web app (isqlplus) all accentuated char in records are replaced by square, the NLS parameters on the database are FRENCH.FRANCE_AL32UTF8, what do i have to do for having accent (i tried changing the browser enconding, but still the same) ?
tablespaces don't belong to users. users have quota on tablespaces
not sure about the character set for the database
well, for isqlplus
if you want a new tablespace for the new user, create it a tablespace and either 1. grant select on the table to the new user and create table as select or 2. export the table and import it as the new user
Dormir: i would like to create different tablespace with different extent size (8MB,16MB,32MB,64MB,128MB,256 MB, and so on) and dispatch the tables regarding their sizes, but when i look at the tables section of my migration schema, the last analyze is yesterday and i would like to refresh that, do you know how ?
not sure how those are related...
you can set the default extent size when you create the tablespace
to analyze tables, use DBMS_STATS.GATHER_TABLE_STATS
there's a default job that will do the analyze every night if the table has changed 10+%
yes in the 10g dba handbook they learn how to create tablespace
yes but i can not wait for the next analyze
and of course it has changed, before it was 0 and now it is 13 GB
ok, use that procedure
google for the dbms_stats package
ok thank you very much
and it'll tell ya all sorts of info about collecting statistics and such
Dormir: ok , I've created my tablespace, my new user , so when you say "export the table and import it as the new user
do you mean with exp or expdp ? do we really need to export them as file , isn't there a way to do that "internally"?
sidh, you could do a database link import with impdp
to avoid the intermediate file
ok thank you
then do the remap_schema , remap_tablespace etc
boingolov: i don't understand as sys dba i granted new user for database link , but when , as new user , i create a database link, i get a unsifficiant privilege error , any idea ?
dish, grant create database link to target user, log in as target user, create database link to source schema on source db (even if source db is same)
i typed : creta database link mylink connect to old_user identified by old_pwd using 'mydb';
and i still get the error
the user definitely has the grants to create private dblinks?
TheBonsai: i did this grant separately from sys schema, and now it works
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