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hey guys, wondering if anyone has setup oracle on a nfs share (nfs share being on a Solaris 10 server) over gigabit ethernet
define "setup"? the software? why not?
sorry meant clean install oracle o
the instance has no problems running from a NFS import - if you mean that
TheBonsai, basically it starts to install
but when it gets to doing the database assistant bit, it just slows right down and hangs
should i make sure I have any setting for the nfs server
im using zfs to setup the service
i mean to create the share
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any tips?
TheBonsai, basically the installer is running off the nfs share, but it also is installing to the same share
it just slows right down to a crawl
snake007uk, you aren't trying to put data files onto that nfs share are you?
or the flash recovery area?
yes I am
this is a non production environment
during the install
it just stop before dbca starts up
i dont get why

snake007uk, could be a lot of things I guess, in general I"ve never attempted to use nfs for installs like that
also, are you sure it's hung?
are you tailing the logs to see the progress?
installation takes a while
ok, thats understandable
i will tail
however roughly how long should it take?
I was watching the transfer
it just goes down to the 1mb a sec
from 50mb sec
snake007uk, linking takes a long time, and that won't necessarily be that i/o intensive
watch the log file
we installed locally
it was very quick
i know there is over head in local
and nfs
but this is very long
Is it possible to have a single column reference a different table according to what data is entered for that particular column
EG, i have a PSU_Specs, MB_Specs, HD_Specs table. I also have a Products table. How can i make each individual product point to the correct specs table
is the only solution is to put only like products in another table. like Products_MB, Products_PSU, etc
i have oracle startup script issue
the startup script is unable to start console foir the second instance
since its looking for all configuration
in the oracle_home
can i create a symlink to fix this?
The /etc/init.d/oracle process is capable of bringing up all instances that are listed in /etc/oratab
Or should be on a properly configured Unix system
OC4J Configuration issue. /u01/app/oracle/product/11gR1/db_1/oc4j/j2ee/OC4J_DBConsole
this actual;ly exist in home of instance 2
with is u02
how can i make it work?
I dunno
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