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hi guys
anyone using thunderbird for irc?
Hey, can someone tell my why this list  https://michalrus.com/adblock  is not working in Firefox? https://i.imgur.com/51lzrGE.png
How can the download fail, if Im seeing it with http 200 in the log?
Moreover, Im able to open the list (the background).
(When I click on Filter list.)
michalrus: open up the "browser toolbox" in the developer menu and it shows the error. it's retrieving a url with added arguments. (to get the toolbox, go to the developer tools settings and enable "remote debuggin" and "browser chrome and add-on debugging toolboxes" at the bottom right)
18:00:24.392 Adblock Plus: Downloading URL https://michalrus.com/adblock failed (synchronize_connection_error)
Download address: https://michalrus.com/adblock?addonName=adblockplus&addonVersion=2.6.10&application=firefox&applicationVersion=42.0a2&platform=gecko&platformVersion=42.0a2&lastVersion=0&downloadCount=4%2B
Channel status: 0
Server response: 2001 downloader.js:227:0
b0at, okay, but how do I fix this? The URL with additional query params works equally well, just clicked the one you pasted.
not sure why it's adding that. maybe they broke canonical url redirection. have you tried without the "! Redirect" line?
No, one moment.
b0at, whee, now works. No idea how you got to that, but biiiig thanks! e
i'd consider that a bug in adblock plus, because everything else looks right
Yes. Im only full of admiration, that you named it so fast.
Hi I'm having a problem similar to https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1049435
where do I go for help

Hey! Does anyone know how to enable hardware accelerated H.264 on Intel Graphics?
In Linux version that is.
Gaffel: install the gstreamer vaapi plugin
I've done that.
assuming you've installed the correct packages, that's it
oh :o
"gstreamer-vaapi" in Arch Linux. When I view about:support, it keeps saying False.
I've also installed libva-intel-driver
the hell? when i try to access addons.mozilla.org in firefox on my phone it always says server not found
but works on my desktop
other sites work fine on phone
same with stock browser. AMO not found, other sites work.
Gaffel: ah. I probably wouldn't worry too much about it
Somehow, libva can't get drivername. va_getDriverName() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name=(null)
I used mplayer to play a h264 file so the libva thing isn't working properly, it seems. :(
with vlc: libva info: va_getDriverName() returns 0
I get -1
I run vainfo and I get error -1 :(
wtf, now firefox is magically uninstalled
i was just freakin' using it
aha, i had mounted sd card on desktop and ejected, but phone apparently didn't catch on so sd card wasn't accessible
MSE & WebM VP9
broken paste
https://www.youtube.com/html5 says that all format are supported by my browser with the exception of "MSE & WebM VP9"
is that to be expected using 40.0.3 on OS X?
if not, am I supposed to install something in order to support that format?
(that extension and format actually)
I believe VP9 is supported already, but MSEs are still disabled for it.
oh, setting media.mediasource.webm.enabled did the trick
at least it's now shown as supported in the youtube page
but this old video is flash only
this sucks
Yeah, but it's disabled by default because there might be issues still...
I see
is there a way to get libpepflashplayer.so without installing chrome?
how can I tell Firefox to prefer ipv6.
is there any hope that #77790 is going to be fixed this decade?
Also, I found a reliable way to crash the browser: visit https://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Web/CSS/-moz-appearance#sampleMenuPopup
(the menuPopup styling, upon rendering, instantly crashes)
hi guys
what exactly does firefox sync if i select my addons?
only the addons are synced or also the configurations ?

linux_dream: AFAIK the addons config gets synced if the addon supports this
can someone help me with encrypting emails and thunderbird ? I created a pub and private key, i used encryption for an email and tested. i sent an email to someone without my pub key, yet he was able to read it out in plain text... what's going on?
ok thanks stonerl
to send email, you should have his pub key
he can send email to you using your key
*your public key
im trying to set up a webcal for facebook events, but in firefox there is no app for it, ive tried addons, ical, nothinig workings, any suggestions?
it did say 40 boxes but that was spam
ill do google cal if necessary but prefer ical
but neither are found that work
thunderbird has all the calendar stuff in it.
i don't know if that helps.
yeah i have that set up but it wont pull it
just pulls firefox
started using postbox
reworked pro version of tbird
pretty good
i dumped gmail and outlook.com and picked up yahoo again after 15 yrs and moved things back
this is just lame
https://apps.facebook.com/_calendar_/ <-- can anyone connect to this?
Is it possible Firefox Hello just for text chat, like Telegram?
Hey there
Is it possible to use Firefox Hello just for text chat, like Telegram?
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