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hey there. im using winblows and i have three ff windows open with tabs. my firefox is not responding and if i do a kill, i will loose all tabs upon re-entry. is there anything I can do ?
is there a file that holds info on what tabs are currently open?
the tabs and windows can be restored from history menu or button
as long as they are not private windows
it just crashed by itself.. it was smart enough to reboot with the three windows and tabs
very relieved
Back again after a couple months. Firefox once again is refusing to save the sync password. According to the password list it's saved but every time I start Firefox up it says "Wrong account or password" despite every single time signing on, it's correct.
Heh. Lasted a month. Lasted a month since I last had to fix this issue.
i haven't heard of that. does it still do it after you delete it, restart, and re-save it? does it happen in a new profile?
b0at: it does it with a fresh profile.
ok, then this thread might be relevant: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1116119#c5
the first suggestion is to reset the password
i don't remember if you can re-create a firefox sync account if you delete it. i think you can; if so, then if resetting the password to jiggle the encryption keys doesn't work, i'd suggest deleting and recreating the account.
b0at: I just reset the password. Seems to have worked. We'll see for how long.

Hi there, I have a saved flash file, that I try to play... but firefox insist on saving it instead of playing it... is there a way to force it to open it?
You want to look at the Operating Systems default player setup.
Anyone know of an alternative to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/close-button/?src=search which creates a "close" button I can place on my toolbar (not on tabs) to close the active tab? This particular add-on breaks the mouse a:hover URL popup display.
I have one pdf link, can I add something to the link, such that it would automatically open up at a certain page?
i could have told IP92 he could click the little bookmark icon in pdf.js
superkuh: "toolbar buttons" has a close tab button: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/toolbar-buttons/
Ah, thanks b0at.
Annoying: the cursor disappears in the address bar all the time now.
Is there a good way to stop websites from supressing autocomplete (remembering form fields) ? Some will have autocomplete="off" and god knows what else (my ISPs site uses some JS hackery), even when signon.overrideAutocomplete is set to true in about:config.
Like https://wave.convergentcare.com/wave/goToLogin.action?navStep=#Application/onReady
This is really pissing me off. I'm really tired of web devs thinking it's ok to take away my ability to control my browser.
I've tried using greasemonkey to loop through all INPUT elements and do inputs[i].removeAttribute("autocomplete"); but soem fields still don't get remembered (like the ones on the login page) and it doesn't ask to remember login/password.
Seriously, is there no good way of unfu*king autocomplete supressions that some sites do ?
Pages and youtube videos start to appear black when the cache is full
I set it to 1 GB, but I can't get more gb cache
using firefox 40 on opensuse, it freezes every now and then for a few seconds with this kind of things apearing in strace: https://scr.meo.ws/paste/2015-09-18-20-45-31-Of8H6zgo.txt
firefox is running without any add-ons installed on a new user profile about 2 days old
i have been told to use a new firefox user profile without any add-ons installed to check whether any addon causes this
also, sometimes it starts to get very slow (it doesn't freeze, it just reacts very slowly), i see this in strace then: https://scr.meo.ws/paste/2015-09-18-20-55-15-7ag9NBj9.txt
Fusl: if you have desktop compositing available, try disabling firefox's hardware acceleration. or just restart in safe mode, which will be about the same thing in a new profile.
also, #firefox on irc.mozilla.org might be able to make something of those strace messages
b0at: i don't have such a thing "dsktop compositing", i don't use a DE
different people were trying to help me since a few months now
now only this channel
and they just keep repeating the same tips over and over again
why? for what?
there *ARE* bugreports
just nobody fixes them
well, there are more developers on irc.mozilla.org. not so many here.
b0at: does irc.mozilla.org support ssl on 6697?
hm, nevermind
Anyone else notice the OpenH264 Cisco codec doesn't necessarily seem to work on things lately?
Like no twitter videos will play and youtube no longer shows H.264 as supported
(Action) doesn't think it's anything he did in about:config, should prob check
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