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I've changed my spell check dictionary 100 times to English US but everytime I restart FF it reverts to English Malawai
Where do I start looking to figure out why it's reverting
Does XULRunner support ARM Processors? I find no runtime for it for that processor
This indicates a no: http://archlinuxarm.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1425
But who knows ;)
Anybody have any suggestions for the flash plugin constantly crashing on Linux? Driving me nuts. lol. Everything is updated. It's a fairly fresh install. It did the same thing with the former install too. Will play radiotunes.com for about 1-3 minutes then bork.
first, i should note that there are tons of things like that which don't require flash. shoutcast.com is one, which just indexes many publically-available streams.
if you want an up-to-date flash, you can use google's pepper flash + the pepper plugin api adapter called "fresh player plugin" (on github or maybe your distro's repos)
grooveshark was also html5-friendly and had tons of good stuff on it. rip :(
then there's mozilla's js-made flash replacement "shumway", which might work for simple streaming flash
strangely, radiotunes.com/apps indicates they have some regular audio stream that should work for winamp or vlc, which could work in the browser, too, but they don't link to any. but i'm not logged in.
Yeah radiotunes requires flash. (Sorry was afk for dinner.)
You have to be a premium member to use the apps. I'm not. I'm also in Canada which also excludes me from using anything other than the website.
have you tried chrome?
(serious suggestion)
Yeah I have. And it works fine (in THIS Linux distro, not the one I had installed this morning). I'd rather use Firefox than Chrome, but... I guess I'm screwed. :)
Heh. When I installed Chrome on Mint KDE I thought I was gonna need an exorcist. It was that bad.
i think there's a way to use the Flash-thing Chrome uses in Firefox

Maybe I should get off my lazy ass and do an extension search.
You just gave me a crazy idea.
I was hoping maybe my station was on shoutcast. But it isn't.
Whoa. Apparently my distro has this cool little stream playing app. Me like. lol.
I like xiialive
I think I'm just going to end up following your Chrome suggestion. Nobody else has the content radiotunes does. At least not from a casual search. I thank you for your open-minded helpfulness gentlemen. It's a rare find on Internet Relay Chat. BLESS YOU!
If I had a nickle for every "not our problem" response I've gotten on IRC, I could buy Microsoft. (But why would I want to.)
if you're looking to list/search/play shoutcast streams: XiiaLive is it
netnomad ^
Is that an app or a site?
Found it. Thanks.
app. sorry
it's find my 15 year old obscure industrial stream still. .. oh we're in #firefox sorry, thoguht you were looking for a phone app!
not sure what linux uses. iTunes plays streams, though doesn't find them very well (not shoutcast ones).
vlc also had a stream search thing at one point, though it probably just uses shoutcast
"the vile google browser" gets the job done. It's the price I must pay, but I thank you for your careful consideration.
any browser should work tho
are you looking on shoutcast.com or somewhere else?
ok... I'm... very confused, I'm on a Mac (Bleeegh) and I don't know the key combination to force a cache-reload of a site, on my linux machine it's Shift-F5
what kind of retards are you firefox developers?! fu*k
did snowden teach you nothing!?
you have to stop this, make firefox the only choice by taking all that crap out, now that google doesn't sponser you, stop chasing money
well, ill be over here: http://morph.is if any firefox devs want to work against evil instead of helping it
wow seriously? http://davidwalsh.name/battery-api
thufir: please stop trying to spread FUD
read the link, its the truth, don't try to hide it
firefox is the one browser that could be the one browser as it is controlled by a non-profit,
instead it is as backdoored as the others
maybe now that google is gone that can change, i hope
like all such features, there's probably a way to turn it off
though it's getting to be like taking prescriptions with the collecting extensions to turn misfeatures off. still, it's possible because of the architecture of the browser.
I see, but then it is an arms race between that extension developers and the firefox core devs, doesn't sound as safe as fixing the organization
not exactly. there's more cooperation than that.
hopefully that is the case then. but someone in charge needs to make it the priority, market firefox that way, or else a new browser that puts the user and their privacy first is going to come around and replace it
instead of: "does it match the spec?", it NEEDs to be: "does it risk the users privacy?"
and precautionary principal to the max
Hey! Does anyone know if / how I can comment on a mozilla crash report? I have a resolution for the crashes I've reported today and yesterday
if nothing else, there might be a linked bug report?
I guess I could turn it into a bun report... there isn't one currently. Thanks Peng
trouble is, I'm not 100% sure what the cause was
the resolution was a system restart

Hi, I've removed the URL field from the navigation bar. How can I get it back?
is there any channel related to thunderbird issues ?
just stop using thunderbird
it is only a matter of time before it eats all your email
irc.mozilla.org #thunderbird, as the topic says
I got this error, but I dont know how to reissue the Certificate, and I cant find it in Servers so I could delete it and get it back:
An error occurred during a connection to <IP>. You have received an invalid certificate. Please contact the server administrator or email correspondent and give them the following information: Your certificate contains the same serial number as another certificate issued by the certificate authority. Please get a new certificate containing a unique serial number. (Error code: sec_error_reused_issuer_and_
It's telling you to tell the *other* admin to fix their broken server.
But how come other people can see it? :'(
They haven't run into any of the other cert(s) using the same serial number.
Peng, is there a way to find the offending Certificate and flush it out? I really need access to this IP over anything else.
And if the other team members can access all the sites we need, it means whatever already took its space can be discarded.
is the opencisco h264 still supposed to work on nightly?
because it doesn't seem to be, at least www.youtube.com/html5 claims I only have VP8 support
MrJones: openh264 is only used on some webrtc calls
kbrosnan: hmmmm well I had h264 working at some point
and I think it was around the time the cisco thing was added, so I always assumed this added it
but for some reason it appears to be no longer enabled and I don't know why
what OS?
kbrosnan: ubuntu
you'll need gstreamer-ugly either 1.x or 0.10
kbrosnan: installed it for both 1.0 and 0.10, but youtube.com/html5 is still unhappy and tells me no h264
I just tried safe mode & new profile, same problem
Firefox for iOS is released to the public in 1-3 weeks someone whispered in my irc
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