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hi all, can I just import my profile if I copied my .mozzila folder to a new install ?
Tazmain: yes, that usually works. but keep a backup of it elsewhere in case something does go wrong.
is it possible that since version 42 Firefox changed the gui-toolkit in the GNU/Linux-version?
fenris_kcf: they're moving to gtk3, yes
hm, looks awful in MATE (GTK2) though :/
it usually requires installing a gtk2/gtk3 cross-compatible theme to look right
the distro might have a guide on which packages to install to get the best effect
well, i use BlackMate, which is actually a dark theme. FF42 is light
oh, one of these themes might be useful, then: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/complete-themes/
deepdark and night launch are both pretty good
now, in places where it still uses the system theme, like file open/save dialogs, you might see an unstyled gtk3 window, still
damn, i hate these themes
b0at: so for a solution without using a FF-theme, i would have to configure my dconf-settings (gtk-theme and stuff), right?

that would help, but i don't know how it uses gtk3 resources and colors
oh, it seems like the automatic scrolling (usually triggered by middle mouse-button) became veeery slow in 42
anyway. thx b0at
anyone know why Firefox 40.0.2 is what you DL for OSX right now but if you go to see if your 40.0 version of Firefox is up to date - it says that it IS up to date. Linux is even odder, some linux system sye up to dateand others update to 40.0.2
most linux distros package it themselves, even if they only compile and don't modify it, so they don't update at the same time
what's with OSX?
OSX is the weirder thing to me, the two linux distros were Waldorf and Jessie, so I could figure some difference there, but OSX on two sperate Yosemite machines, seems very weird to me, when the offered DL is 40.0.2, but Firefox is still saying that 40.0 is the latest.
hi i'm just wonder if anyone knows why the 'popout' feature doesnt work on firefox for mint 17 xfce.
sorry it seems my sentece was cut short. i mean to ask about firefoxs support for hulu's popout feature, but i think i'll deal with it later. night everyone, and thanks for firefox, it's a great browser.
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Hi Firefox, I have some strange code (http://pastebin.com/eywgHKWR) injected in my page on Firefox only
I only see that when I "inspect the element"
uBlock Origin module inject this code
I hope I made a mistake
yes, that's a way to hide certain links
@boat I don't have any script or link in my website
this is really strange: request 0, 0% blocked - and why hidding torntv-downloader(.)com and torntvdl(.)com
I'm visiting my blog guillaumevincent.com and I dont have those craps in my source code
that's how ublock origin works.
maybe it's faster to add style to all sites than check which it needs to. also, it reflects its legacy from the chrome browser when chrome extensions weren't capable of doing anything other than code injection.
you'll have to take it up with that extension's developers to tell for sure.
@b0at ok thank you, I will open a question on github
I have a peculiar problem with Firefox.
I created the following application: https://github.com/CecilWesterhof/PublishedPhotos
Often in Firefox there are six seconds between fetches for the same page.
I wrote the testFetch.py to make sure the problem is not with the server.
After this I tried it in Chrome. There I do not have this problem.
What could be happening here.
By the way: I did try safe-mode. It seems to happen lesse often, but it still happens.
for some reason firefox refuses to restore tabs now :(
it does not restore session anymore :( what the heck
so what's with this chrome addon bullsh*t move
mozilla wants firefox to be another chrome clone?
firefox crashes when opening a specific website when flash is enabled, how do i continue debugging this? i was running /usr/bin/firefox -d gdb and the backtrace can be found here: https://scr.meo.ws/paste/2015-08-23-14-16-57-djq6WQzd.txt but there doesn't seem to be any useful information
Fusl: crash report URL?
auscompgeek: url?
Fusl: about:crashes, paste the latest one
if that doesn't give anything, repro with a mozilla build :P

Fusl: uhh, 39.0 is old, update to latest release?
auscompgeek: thanks for pointing that out, updating to the latest version fixed it
hey, i'd like to execute the "mpv" command, everytime i browse youtube, is there anyway to do that in firefox ?
is there some workaround, if I have a proxy access to the internet but not to local networks ?
eg if I set a proxy (my proxy on local) it wants to access via this proxy other local addresses such from a
what I want to do is to say firefox: use proxy except of, and
ntz: under manual proxy configuration, there's a box labelled "No Proxy for:" where you can exclude addresses
with examples underneath
b0at: oh really .... sorry, I'm blind
So... any word on how things like NoScript, AdBlock, and Ghostery will work on Firefox after the announced changes?
And IMO, working like Chrome is the same as not really working.
can firefox add the ability to have a link target two iframes at once instead of just one. that would help me deprecate javascript for those who know not to trust it but still enable a rich experience. I am doing fine so far, but this one feature I ask for would make it very very much better.
gildarts: supposedly they'll expand the "web extensions" api
two = n, so <a href="whatever" target="iframe1" target2="iframe2" target3="iframe3" ...>x</a> or such, very simple addition
b0at: yeah... I hope so. If not, I will have lost my last reason to stick with Firefox.
would need href separate for each frame actually. so href1=".." href2=".." as well
it will make firefox the defacto browser of the new web
it still has a while until it gets to that point. servo may be a better platform to build around, or firefox forks might be more support.
*might get
thufir: you would need to get the working groups to adopt it as a new standard. Odds are against Ff implementing it otherwise.
screw the nsa compromised working groups
it doesn't break backwards compatability with the standards, simply extends it. the standards will follow
gildarts: thanks for your response though, my anger directed at them, not you :)
It breaks every website that uses it on browsers other than those that has implemented this.
so other browsers will have to follow. solution to what you said is:
Or the other browsers go "FU" and you are stuck writing 2+ versions of the site.
have target without suffix point to parent iframe (as high up as needed), causing a refresh of all iframes that need it. if the browser supports this extension, then only targetN and hrefN attributes are used, ignoring the fallback original one
so no two versions of site needed.
site will just perform nicer (not reload unneccsary iframes) on browsers that support it.
i will just do it in my plugin if i can find a way, but would be far better for everyone if that feature is just already there for them in firefox
i will just do it that way and pressure firefox externally that way if devs don't add it :)
firefoxXT is coming if firefox won't cooperate ;)
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