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firefox 40 solved my problem
I had huge memory leaks with ff 39
I know this isn't official channel but hasn't anyone noticed that swedish firefox has been sending people to google.ee for over a month now? I just noticed it started happening on my android too lol
this follows another spelling error in the swedish firefox where ctrl/cmd+l didn't work.
google.se => google.ee
I dunno
it's just weird
it seems very unlikely to me that a language pack would try to do that sort of thing. but google has a history of completely screwing up language redirects.
and if it only happens in firefox, that could be because its headers will differ from other browsers.
a way to test this would be an outgoing-http-header modifying extension.
For a couple of months I've been having this issue with Firefox Developer Edition on Manjaro Linux. It seems to be having some weird XHR errors in the console, it breaks a lot of websites like Facebook or Google+ and I can't figure out what the problem is
on Google+ it loads the entire page perfectly, then it craps over when loading some play.google.com/log request that returns a 401 and is blocked by firefox with XHR error, then G+ page says "you are logged out" (while I can see the whole website behind the alert)
on facebook it has a similar error and it refuses to load facebook chat/messages and I need to manually refresh the page every once in a while to see if have new notifications
anybody know what could be causing this? I have turned off all addons/extensions and I have tried in private mode, it still does it
I tried looking around the web but it seems I'm the only person with this error :/
it makes firefox virtually unusable
hm, do you have "tracking protection" turned on?
not sure where in the gui it is, but about:config?privacy.trackingprotection.enabled
it's disabled (set to false)
there's trackingprotection.pbmode.enabled set to true
i guess that means it's turned on for private browsing. though it really doesn't explain that behavior in the first place.
(I tried putting it to false but it doesn't fix it)
try safe mode: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-firefox-issues-using-safe-mode#w_how-to-start-firefox-in-safe-mode

b0at: trying now
still does it
ok, now to see if it's the profile at all: close firefox, run it with the "-ProfileManager" option, and create a new testing profile and see if it does the same.
have you tested other browsers?
Yeah I tried in chrome/ium and it works. Also I tried with user-agent spoofing on firefox and pretended to be ios and it works fine (I assume because iOS does not send that request that is being blocked, maybe)
I'm talking about testing it on Google plus by the way
okay, with a different user profile it seems to be working
so something is borked in my user profile, then
something in the profile that safe mode doesn't switch off, so maybe a referrer or cross-origin pref
possibly something set by a tweak extension even in the past
would it be something found in about:config?
likely yes, but there are going to be tons of non-default prefs in there
before poking around, i recommend backing up the profile directory. you can find it with the button in about:support.
you could use firefox sync to copy the important things to a new profile and see if it works right there, saving the trouble of building the new profile up.
alright, thanks :)
or "refresh" the profile, which may be an option in about:support
or on that safe mode page
or just export everything manually, like bookmarks and extension settings
my other irc session died, sorry
my last suggestion was that you could export bookmarks and other settings manually
ah yeah, I'd rather not do all of that but if worst comes to worst, I'll have to
what's the plugin for blocking advertisements?
the main one
Adblock Plus and uBlock Origin
but how can one be sure these plugins are not malwares?
are they certified by mozilla somehow?
some say ublock is faster, but i think adp has more deep engineering going into it. abp probably uses more memory for the moment.
yes, extensions from addons.mozilla.org get vetted somehow
this explains some of it: https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2010/02/15/the-add-on-review-process-and-you/
it's a little old, but it shows some of the checks they run
b0at, you mentioned three plugins
b0at, or two?
i mentioned two extensions
you said "adp" and "abp"
i suppose it was a mistake?

that was supposed to be abp, yes
which is the most stable in your opinion
they're the same in that respect: rock solid
they even use the same lists (though the default list setup is different). the main difference is in the interface.
https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/adblock-plus and https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/ublock-origin
theorcally i d want something that just works, which does not impact my experience
both qualify
apart from blocking ads :D
ok,let's start with adp
fanboy's complete list here https://secure.fanboy.co.nz/filters.html combines several good ones that form the default sets, and i basically just use that in either extension
(since not all of the component lists are enabled in either extension)
http://pastebin.com/304emdKc these are my modified firefox preferences, I can't find anything relevant for the XHR issue I'm having, do you see any red flag that might indicate I messed something up?
none of those look relevant, no.
it's really weird
what other thing could be different in a new profile?
that list only shows a handful of prefs that affect the ui, mostly
go to about:config, click "status" to sort the user-set prefs to the top, and you'll see pages and pages of things
you might filter for "refer" and reset all that come up, for example (right click, reset)
well, the ones under network.http anyway
all the network.http ones related to 'refer' aren't user-set
hm, ok. everything else with "network.http" should be default, also. and under "security."
can't think of anything else besides broken cookie handling that would explain a 401 unauthorized
I also reset everything related to 'cookies'
still doesn't work
I have a question about those things like the mozilla account thing: Do those make firefox slower or do they only start taking resources if I explicitly start them up? If they do, is there a stripped-down version of firefox that doesn't have them? It seems slower lately and I don't know why, not sure if it's me or the browser.
Maybe this is what I want: http://lifehacker.com/light-is-a-stripped-down-firefox-build-made-for-perform-1495475708
I ask because I'm on a live usb and the live usb is slow
"The custom Firefox build removes many components that the average user doesn't need (like developer tools), but does also cut some key features like spellcheck or printing support. " If you don't use those little things make life easier sure
....does PRINTING really slow things down?!
I suppose removing it could save a little chunk of memory
WarAndGeese: light removes a lot of core function of webstandards
though running from a liveusb is a way to get really poor performance
b0at, ublock uses more filters than adblock plus
and it's more efficient
that's what they say, though i'd be interested in on-going benchmarks
b0at im using umatrix
the difference on a capable computer is still going to all be in the interface
well, firefox is making improvements to make abp run better, we'll see after that
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