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Gee, I sure feel safer now that Firefox beta forcibly disabled HTTPS Everywhere and Lastpass
I know, right?
thats why you use Firefox gamma
Peng: when did #firefox-unregistered start and why
I think the layers accel is causing my browser to crash, happened when enabled in ff-39 and now it's on by default in 40, disabled to verify
satdav: A couple weeks ago ish. Spam.
Cool I agree it's good we have that channel now
I haven't seen any complaints. ;-) >:D
(Action) complains formally to Peng

(Action) doesn't see it
Hey Peng! Hey you, over there!
Ive got a complaint to file!
Keeps the wandoo.fr nick change spam to a minimum
Seriously speaking though, I set this nick up as a makeshift solution because I was not yet sure I was going to keep it, so I didnt set up auto-identify yet, which means that Ill have to rejoin #Firefox by hand after every reconnect
Minor nit, but still significant
freenode supports server password
no need for plain identify
and host change quit/rejoin
Does Mozilla still maintain older versions with security fixes and stuff?
Freenode also supports SASL and CertFP authentication
satdav: ESRs, yes, for a while.
specing: * sorry satdav :(
hi, youtube videos is jerky in my firefox... i tried to change the save saession time to 5 mins... but it was not helpful....
Peng: what are the current ones? is there a list?
Peng: Gentoo seems to be riding 31.X.0 as stable
31 was the previous ESR
38 is the current one
Peng: Hm, I guess my client doesnt *waiting for impending CTCP VERSION request*
Is there a support channel for Thunderbird?
well, just had another crash, not totally sure it's layers, might be otmc in general
layers.acceleration.disabled;true layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled;false
testing with those now
I was having crashes because of async animations. Once I disabled those, everything went fine.
I see in the topic, nvm sry
Daekdroom: thanks, will look at next if crashing
actually, will try now
Daekdroom: which option in particular was it?
all the layers.async ones?
layers.offmainthreadcomposition.async-animations;false is already set
does anyone know what's happened with 'capability.policy'? http://www-archive.mozilla.org/projects/security/components/ConfigPolicy.html jsok policy for example doesn't work in firefox 38
nevermind https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Firefox/Releases/29/Site_Compatibility#Security
The Tree Style plugin stopped working after a customize GUI.
a finally found it,
just got set to "opt" for some reason
trying to dig through sqlite file for firefox bookmarks. how would i know what folder a bookmark is in from the table?
parsnip: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Tech/Places/Database#Bookmarks_Tables
looks like it's associated by an id number
aha, parent
b0at: agreed, thanks
someone gave me enough sql to get a list of bookmarks with url and name... now i will try to group them by folder (parent, etc)

Good day
I have noticed some strange behaviour with Firefox over the years, but I've never quite pinpointed why it behaves like that. It occurs when I've lost connection to the Internet for a while
Websites I have tried connecting to, but failed (because the Internet was down)
When the Internet is back, I still can't connect to those websites
Like, FF doesn't even try
It seems like it has saved somewhere, that this website is down
I've seen this happen on a number of occasions on different systems at different times, so it has been around for a while
I've run into a problem with Firefox. I installed an extension - AutoPager fixed - and everything disappeared from the navigation toolbar, and the customization tab won't open.
Uninstalling the extension didn't help.
I assume you are not vulnerable to pdf.js if the built-in reader is disabled (PDF set to open external viewer)
is it a known issue with firefox 40 having urls missing from the address bar after clicking on links?
Is there a way to throthle firefox downloads? Since firefox just starts downloading and doesen't offer me the URL to the download (and it probably wouldn't even work in wget due to needing cookies w/e)
or maybe configure firefox to download via wget and let me pass options to it?
How to use "Server switch" Addon? I added a project mapping, but see no button to switch and Shift-Ctrl-X doesn't work
great, firefox download stops somewhere in between
and no option to resume
bloody hell
So I'm viewing some guy's horrible site in firefox, and it has a different behavior than chrome and others, and just wondered why
if you click a link and go back, it duplicates the content
the guy is doing something horrible and outputting his entire dom, I'm wondering if it's some caching thing
looks like running load() on pageshow adds the content again to the variables
if this were a reasonable way to write a web page, which it's not, you'd populate the content once not on every page load
it's amazing how much trouble people go to in order to destroy their pages' usability when they could achieve the same pointless effect with normal markup and showing and hiding some elements by id.
my guess is the difference in behavior is in on which side of the cached content "pageshow" fires on
i would have thought "onload" would be the event to use, since "pageshow" could happen multiple times after that.
Hello. Is there a way to catch browser before sending a request to a website and review http headers before sending it?
Do you guys know any way to join windows preserving tab groups?
Lowin: I think the devtools can do that. Else tamper data extension
anyone know if tabmixplus is compatible with tab group manager?
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