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hello, using firefox 39 under archlinux, I'm trying out the storage tab (indexeddb) in firefox dev panel, however I'm able to see only up to the 52 record stored, is there a way to iterate over the other records?
just emerged an update to firefox and have now lost 100% of my settings and 100% of my bookmarks
wtf over?
how do i recover these?
does emerge touch ~/.mozilla ? that's where your profile is.
or maybe the shortcut to it? is it using a different profile name? check with "firefox -ProfileManager"
its because i have the bindist use flag set. auraura is now called the developer edition. some moron decided to MOVE where bookmarks and settings are kept and NOT automatically import them on update
srsly you devs need to pull your head out of your ass
how do i get my bookmarks and settings back
oh, yeah developer edition uses a different profile by default to keep from clobbering a non-dev profile
i have ALWAYS used the developer edition
all they did was change the name from "auraura" to "developer edition"
so i have ALWAYS had my profile where this edition kept it
how do i recover my settings and bookmarks
no, developer edition is relatively new. ithat's one of the differences from the original aurora
look in .mozilla and find the profile name. invoke it with firefox -p profilename
i do not want to have to type firefox -p K946y4posapdeIGKLE every time i launchy it
how do i import 100% of my settings and 100% of my old bookmarks
way to fu*k over your user base
you obviously haven't even looked at the profile manager, or you'd know that nothing has moved.

not you b0at
i dont care if it MOVED or not. how do i import it into this new incantation of the browser
you don't. you use the profile that exists.
i would like to not have to type firefox -p 32450y740*IDGPHP:REos;gyroiw3 every time i launch it
how do i make this browser use that profile and WHY the hell did it not just do so in the first place
all it has is create profile, delete profile and rename profile
theres NOTHING in there to make it USE profile
ok i just select "Default" as my profile instead of "default-profile-for-developer-edition" and the prifle is active. problem is ITS NOT THE DEFAULT!!!!!!!!!
how do i make firefox use the same profile ever time
thers a check box for use pofile automatically but it does not fu*king work
i deleted dev-editoon-default and have use the selected prifle without asking at startup checked.
launch it from the profile manager with the selected profile and it works
from then on if i launch firefox it CREATES THE FUCKING DEV PROFILE and ignores the use selected at startup check box
how the FUCK do i fix this
can someone tell me how to make this stupid fu*king update use the FUCKING PROFILE I TOLD IT TO!!!!!!!!!!!
firefox -ProfileManager... select "Default" pfofile. select "use at boot without asking", launch firefox from the button.... thats the ONLY way to get my old profile active
so i have to do that bullsh*t every time i launch ff?
how do i make firefox developer edition use my old profile
I440r: uncheck the setting to use a new profile in the preferces
I believe that the setting is in the general tab
using a new profile is not using my old profile
i dont want a NEW profile i want my OLD profile
So change the setting
i have launched firefox's profile manager and i selected the use this profile by default at launch WITHOUT ASKING. it does not use it
it creates the dev default profile every time
also seems like my unchecking items in the preferences is reset each time too
enable firefox developer edition health reports. needs to be unchecked evey time
and i cannot see anything in here about creating a new profile every time
yup been through every tab in the config and cannot find anything like that
so im stuck having to launch ff with the profile manager and manually selecting the profile every time
its not in the general tab
at all
I440r: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/recover-lost-bookmarks-firefox-developer-edition
so how do i set the dev edition to use my old profile. theres nothing in the general tab about profiles at all
Hi, is it normal for signin.ebay.com to be tagged as bad security-wise?
don't think so. it looks good for me.
i still need to know how to get firefox dev edition to use my old profile. setting it in the profile manager does nothing.; it does not work
and theres nothing i can find in the config for selecting a profile
mark4: open about:preferences and you'll see it
its not in there. i looked on all tabs
im looking at the general tab. it has allow ff dev edition and ff to run at same time,,
always check if ff dev edition is default browser
where to start. what the home page is. save files to
open new windows in tabs. warn when closing multiple, warn when opening multi, dont load tabs until selected and switch to tabs immediately
NOTHING about profiles
i assume it's the checkbox that says under it "this uses separate profiles"
i haven't played with it before, though
that chyeckbox does not exist
at all
there is a checkbox in the profile manager to always use the selected profile on launch. it does NOTHING
not in my browser
im emerging ff again with the bindist use flag disabled
that option is not anywhere within any of the tabs in the config
it's in the general section
you even mentioned it earlier
no i didnt mention it earlier and its NOT in the general section
there is NOTHING in any of the pages of the config related to profiles. not one item

13:34:22 <mark4> im looking at the general tab. it has allow ff dev edition and ff to run at same time,,
im rebuilding with the bindist use flag disabled
that allows firefox AND firefox development edition to run at the same time
taht has nothing to do with profiles
"Tip: This uses separate profiles." how does that have nothing to do with profiles
thats not "use this profile over here"
so is that supposed to be checked or not checked
end of conversation
because i see NOTHING there that makes it select what profile to use
do i want to allow or disallow both?
i see NOTHING there that allows me to select what profile to use
heloo all i'm unable to load into firefox sync
its stuck loading forever
I have flash installed, but firefox is not seeing it.
curmudgeon: Did you install flash properly from the adobe site using their .exe installer? Did you restart firefox after installing it? (have to restart)
Yes, restarted several times. I actually have it installed twice now, once in the system directory (/usr/lib64/nsbrowser/plugins/libflashplayer.so), and I created a plugins directory under the firefox directory, and copied it there, as well.
first, make sure the architectures are the same. 64-bit flash won't work in 32-bit firefox. about:buildconfig shows the target arch under "Build platform"
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