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anybody else getting an "Unknown error" trying to sync?
oh, looks like a local bookmarks error, based on the browser toolbox console...
Hi, how to control the default applications to open the downloaded files in firefox? It seems that the system's xdg-open is not used.
In Preference->Applications, I can set the action when firefox handle a pdf file, I chose "Preview in Firefox", but there's also a "Use evince(default)" item, so after I download a pdf file and click it, evince will open it. But I want other program to open the PDF file, say mupdf, how can I set it to default?
set it to ask and then set that as the default
when it asks
oh, let me try!
b0at: your method can only solve my problem partially. First, I can now open PDF using applications other than the default evince, but the "(default)" still come after "Use evince", it should be after "Use mudpf"! Second, now when I open a url to a PDF file, Firefox will download it in to /tmp, and then open it with mupdf. I want to preview it in Firefox first, then download, and maybe click it in the dow
nload file list, hoping it can be open by an application that I can control.
And...now I come accros a new problem, there are two "download list":the download list when I click the icon and the full download list when I then click "show all downloads", and when I click on a file, they handle it differently, the former will use a external application, while the latter will preview the file in Firefox
Isn't the logic behind Firefox's file handle actions too obscure?
a plugin i use apparently uses the simple-storage API and im having issues with the 5mb limit
is there some way to let it store more
is there a way to change the color of the tabs title font?
Hey ,I've OpenH264 Video Codec[cisco systems] installed ,but youtube reports that I don't have H.264 ,MSE & H.264 and MSE & WebM VP9. After installing windows 10
firefox 39.0
Cisco OpenH264 1.4
Primetime Content Decryption module 12
*previouslly h.264 was avalible in youtube and I could watch videos with higer than 360p resolution
xihiro: you could modify something from userstyles.org

b0at, ty, I'll give it a look
hi, I'm trying out firefox 39 and for some reason, youtube is only offering to play videos in 360p
what gives?
oh, I was missing some h.264 video packages
nevermind :)
Hello everyone! Is there any way to tell firefox not perform inpage search, untill I explicitly hit <Return> key? I don't like "search as you type" feature. Disabling typeahead find didn't work in this cse.
So I'm having a very irritating issue where Firefox is refusing to remember my sync password. Firefox is set to save passwords, my password is correct, my browser is set to save history an the like when I close the browser. All my settings reflect a correct setup that a user should have when they want to sync settings between machine. So why is it that Firefox is refusing to sync my password? - Firefox 38.0.1 on OpenSUSE 13.2
on linux, whenever I run "sudo firefox", my main firefox profile (not sure what else to call it, I guess profile?) is completely reset and I lose all my settings/open tabs/bookmarks/addons/etc; is there a way to run "sudo firefox" without losing all my settings/open tabs/bookmarks/addons/etc from my main firefox profile?
those settings/tabs/bookmarks/addons do not need to be there when I open firefox via "sudo firefox"
but I would like it all to still be there when I switch back to the non-sudo firefox?
treble54: have ou tried gksudo
benzrf: I have not, I am not familiar with gksudo
benzrf: gksudo worked the way I wanted, thank you ^_^
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