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is a ghost channel
nobody talks in there
How much RAM does Firefox need?
depends on the amount of free ram on the device
i run firefox on phones with as little as 512mb of ram
kbrosnan: Great! I'm trying it on a laptop that has 640M.
I'm tempted to upgrade it though.
yes going from sub 1gb to 2 to 4 is a significant performance win
(Action) nods
in all applications
I have a laptop beside me that has 1G RAM but no working Ethernet port. I suppose I could try to get WiFi working on it.
So I'm running Firefox 39 under Fedora 22, x86_64. Sometimes when I open a new tab with Ctrl+T, the address bar isn't focused, and either 1) nothing I type appears in the address bar, or 2) I can type in the bar, but when I hit Enter or click the little ->, nothing happens
Also, Ctrl+K no longer works to focus the search box
This _seems_ like a firefox issue, though to be fair I didn't have these problems under Fedora 20
Has anyone else run into this?

so I have firefox and I'm just now going through my older backups of stuff, how do I take the bookmarks from these firefox profiles and merge them?
This is on my Linux box
ShapeShifter499: you can import json or html bookmarks into your current ones from the bookmark library ("Organize Bookmarks" in the Bookmarks menu)
you may want to backup your current ones first
b0at: what am I looking for in my old firefox profile folders?
there's a bookmarkbackup folder, or something similar. it probably is complete. or fire up firefox pointed to a copy of the old profile and export from the bookmark manager freshly.
well, maybe if it's old enough it might not have the backup folder
b0at: a couple of these have the the bookmarkbackup folder
the file with the latest date or the highest number should be the newest of those backups
b0at: I'm poking around, I can point via "firefox --profile /path/to/folder"
b0at: I'll do that
b0at: do you know if permissions matter?
these profiles are on a backup drive formatted ext4 and have probably lost their original file permissions
not sure, but i think as long as everything's readable you'll be able to export
ok then, well here goes nothing
b0at: alright at least one appears to have opened correctly :p
b0at: thank you for pointing me in the right direction
lol still has a "restore session" cache
help! swf/flash no longer have sound!!
in firefox and chrome also
i'm using the adobe plugin
nm, found the problem
Hello, I have a high end laptop, and firefox seems to be slow, like slow scrolling, slow typing,,, and it's the latest version of firefox I'm using
can anyone please tell me what to do to improve the performance of firefox?
might be a bad interaction with video drivers. try with hardware acceleration turned off, see if it goes back to not-horribly-slow.
or try https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/troubleshoot-firefox-issues-using-safe-mode#w_how-to-start-firefox-in-safe-mode which disables both hardware acceleration and extensions all at once, temporarily
Other than gmail which e-mail providers are capable of signing into firefox?
or firefox is capable of signing into which e-mail providers ?
as a web page? all of them.
i don't know what "signing into fireofx" means.
hi all! this new sync what come with new firefox its not working for me... its sh*t.
how can i switch back to the old sync?
old sync is dead

and the new is never lived...
works for me
i get always sync error on both pc
i already tried to register a new account
with this hapend same
how can i check whats the problem?
can i login into this account?
where is the log?
additionally, many saved password are vaporized...
How can I effectively remove all ads and pop-ups?
adblock plus or ublock
Cork, do I need filters?
they have build is filter subscriptions
Any plugin developers with some free time to fix (Linux issue it seems) an ultra simple firefox plugin I made, basically about 10 lines I added to a template. I will pay in bitcoin. It is for a good cause: reddit.com/r/morphis. It is the morphs firefox plugin I need fixed before the 31st.
problem is whenever you close firefox, it forgets the registered handler (url: morphis:// ). you have to uninstall the plugin, restart firefox and reinstall the plugin. If you do not do exatly that it says doesn't recognize the morphis://. It would probably take someone who knows what they are doing all but an hour. I will pay. msg me for details.
The source is here: morph.is/src/browser_plugins/maalstroom.xpi Take a look and msg me your cost.
hey guys, I am trying to use the "style editor" on my website, but the list of CSS files loaded has a permanent "loading" symbol (the turning circle and does not load all the CSS files in question. The css files however all load fine, what can I do to debug this?
firefox on linux says flash in vulnerable, but there is no new version available. anything that can be done about it?
unistall flash.. seriously, it is the single most vunerable pos in the world. about 2 0days released per month
that hacker team was sitting on multiple flash 0 days
randomhumanbeing: the best thing to do unfortunately is to wait. you also likely want to unstable (~) flash. if you really need to use it, you could make an ebuild with the latest version on your own
randomhumanbeing: woops, sorry. i thought we were in a different channel. you're going to have to wait it seems.
there is no newer version, ebuild or otherwise
yeah, best thing to do is probably stop using flash
what do you need flash for?
just find out with ff 39 that it bloody does:
udp 0 0* 2166/firefox
udp 0 0 :::49765 :::* 2166/firefox
why the heck is ff listening ??????
why do I have to allow freaking flash every time I start firefox now? even allow and remember does not work -.-
can I deactivate it?
DarsVaeda: you can uninstall flash, then you won't ever have to allow it again
alternatively you could update flash
let's try that 3rd where I just disable the warning ;)
is it dom.ipc.plugins.flash.disable-protected-mode?
hi I am looking to cross compile firefox. to this end I am looking for a cmake file or an autoconfig file that is made for firefox
anyone able to point me to one
I have multiple ff windows open on multiple desktops, and keyboard input consistently is going to the wrong window
I have one window focused, and I hit Ctrl+T, and a tab opens in a different window on a different desktop
workspace, whatever
FF 39, Fedora 22 x86_64 under XFCE4. No other application is doing this
ntz: it is a loopback address and expected, see https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=100154 for a short discussion on why
transhuman: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/search?q=cross+compile has some docs but I recall them being rather old. might want to see if you can track down what debian uses for their arm port
jolamb: works for me but I am using gnome 3 on otherwise a similar system
kbrosnan: it looks similar to this, but I don't have unclutter running: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=625149
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