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what is the difference between privacy.trackingprotection.enabled and privacy.donttrackheader.enabled ?
Just because first cause block access to yandex.st from rasp.yandex.ru but yandex.st is yet one site to keep static things like jquery
the first enables a minimalist blocker of tracking and ad things. not sure whether's it's all by domain or what.
the second toggles sending an http header that requests the server not to track you, but that's up to them to decide to act on.
so, the first is a nice little ad blocker, the second is pretty much worthless
b0at: So how I can have affect on first or somehow proof that yandex.st isn't so bad(may be?)?
thanks for description :)
dunno. that definitely seems like something it shouldn't block. lemme see if i can find where its list comes from...
You may try if you have same affect in your version of ff as in mine
yeah, i see the same behavior
well, you can disable tracker blocking for yourself by clicking on the little shield-shaped icon in the address bar
shield-shaped icon?
can you give a screenshot, please?
If you want tracking protection, privacybadger might be a little more appealing

AlexRussia: http://postimg.org/image/543bza6lb/ left of the lock
it pops up a panel where you can select to disable tracking
b0at: oh, yeah, I've got it
b0at: I just didn't see it usually
yeah, it's subtle and fades in with everything
I like icons there only when they're automatically pop-up small windows, you know, like allowing flash
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1163039 is a similar issue with a different yandex page
pretty much the same issue
though no indication on the process to change the block list
https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1101005 points to http://trackingprotection.info/ to file a complaint
b0at: oh, did you?
yeah, but i'd recommend you do it, too
it seems like such an obvious thing
to let their other domain through, that is
anyone know of any addons that can check for extension resource usage?
i have a memory leak; it uses 8 gb ram from 1.6 GB just from sitting 12 hours
that would be a really good thing to have actually
about:memory tries to break things down by extension
maybe I can finally find the one that keeps inducing kernel panics too
I use nightly and I am currently having issues where my firefox tabs are constantly crashing. I think this is due to my flashplayer plugin being deactivated most of the time. when looking in add-ons manager, I cannot select "Always Activate" for Java or Shockwave Flash because that option is greyed-out. is there a way to manually override this option and put it to Always Activate?
i don't know how to stop tabs crashing, but always activating plugins wouldn't improve stability... keeping them unactivated until needed might, though.
also, this might help to only activate the ones needed: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/click-to-play-per-element/?src=search
which could solve it if activating too many at once is part of the problem
thank you b0at. I managed to get it working. apparently there was a newer release of both flashplayer and java since i lasted looked, so i installed those to a newly extracted nightly package and fixed all permissions on the files, and now it's working nice.
ah, ok
ok so sometimes when I click on a text file, it opens in a new window, no problem and sometimes it acts like I need to download the file and open it in something else
I just realized it was not uniformly doing the same thing on the same files every time
I wondered if anyone else was having the problem but am having trouble finding anything in searching
the files in question are on the textfiles.com site, my browser 39.0 is latest from the repo on Linux Mint 17.1
part of the problem may be that some of the files there have no file extension, however it seems some with a .txt extension still have the same issue
The_Schmidt: this is a mime type thing
it depends on your OS configuration, AFAIK
The_Schmidt: for the same file it should do the same thing always
yes, that's what I thought, but it's not uniform
The_Schmidt: do you have an example file/link?
hang on a sec, I'll have to dig ... the one's i've been bringing up aren't exactly family friendly
ok found one on this page, it's called 'aboutmtv.txt' http://textfiles.com/internet/
Some of these I have to open with something like bless, b/c geany won't even recognize it for some reason

The_Schmidt: it's always doing the same for me, I mean, consistently
for the same file
so it's fine
is it opening in a new tab or downloading?
The_Schmidt: depends on the file
again, it's a MIME thing
does it open in the browser or makes you download it?
likely yes, so what causes these?
broken file header or something?
ok this one just went both ways on me http://textfiles.com/internet/ftp-help.txt
first hit it tried downloading, then I closed a bunch of windows and tried again and it opened in a new tab no problem
I say 'windows' I mean 'tabs'
just hit it again and it wants to download again
after i let it download and open in bless it opens in a new tab again, I am so confused on this
are you experiencing this at all? or is it something I can fix?
it sounds like the file is not completely downloading enough to read what it is before it tries to open it, so it just says 'ok i'll try to download this' and sometimes it downloads quick enough to cache that it just pops open
The_Schmidt: you are right
that's weird
maybe a cache thing
so it must be a caching problem with the way it reads the next link in relation to either the mime or the extension on the link
I wonder if it's just on their site since it's all archived files from things like binary files from BBSes and such since the file may actually have a termination marker in the middle that could trigger the browser to think it's over or something
(Action) puts <EOF> in middle of page, heh
oh well, maybe some day somebody will figure out what is going on
I can't be the only one having a problem with this
hmmm, is #thunderbird really the thunderbird channel?
hyper_ch: yes, but it isn't here.
see the topic.
just curious, no ops in there
no channel topic
which seems strange to me
greetings! I have a problem with Firefox 38.1.0 (Mageia 5 package):
whenever I click on a binary file, firefox shows me a requester "You have chosen to open:" <filename> "which is: BIN file ..."
"Would you like to save this file" and I always have to click "Save File"
I searched in preferences -> applications, but there is no entry to modify to automatically download the file without further asking
i think it forces that on executables... that behavior makes more sense on windows for files that end in ".exe"
okay, so how can I change that?
ugh, https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1182757
related bug but all it confirms is that the "problem" is that it's sent as application/octet-stream (which it probably is)
how to tell?
wget --server-response says for example that http://vserver.13thfloor.at/Stuff/mdadm is text/plain
but this file for example brings up the "BIN" dialog
well, it may redirect. try curl -IL <your url>
wget can do it too, but i don't know the args to pass
Content-Type: text/plain
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