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Firefox 39 has extreme memory leaks
downgraded to 38 and the problem is solved now
Artemios: no issues with FF 39 for me
Hey guys, I don't manage to write text while chatting with Firefox Hello, how does it work?
courrier: i don't know what others thought, but i don't understand what you are trying to say.
question: is there a bug in firefox Network time info? i press Control+R and after a few seconds of loading, the lower right corner says something like 74.04 seconds. i click on it, and it takes me to two pie charts. they both say 72+ seconds. what gives?
shudon: the question is: how do you chat via Firefox Hello without webcam and microphone, typing text
courrier: oh, i don't know. i've never used firefox hello :(
After few research it seems really a missing feature, but I still can't realize, *chatting via text*, the most universal & basic feature that all chats have, even if they don't support audio or video or file/screen sharing, even with the chatting service of my intranet, that is really crappy, we can chat via text!
Firefox Hello allows to share tabs but not typed text
can't believe it =)
Well so, I tried to convince all my friends and colleagues to forget skype for Firefox Hello without even having tried it, I regret now I'll look like a damn fool xD
I need little support
Firefox crash and I have no idea why and it's not explained from crash
If anyone consider help me because my fan doing noise and this could be relate to my problem. Thanks in advanced!
cofo: crash id? type about:crashes in the addrees bar

Submitted Crash Reports No crash reports have been submitted.
i didnt know i need to send crash
crash again lmao
i submitted a crash
can't see it on about:crashes
keep crash
cofo: might try a mozilla build. possible ubuntu disabled the crash reporter, https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all/
its crash when i visit it
on chrome
firefox crashing instantly
Is there something wrong with flash in firefox again?
It's saying that flash is blocked in firefox but there are no updates available
well there's the bad exploit in the wild that adobe's taking at least a week to fix
i assume that would trigger a block
what happened to the speaker icon on the tabs that were playing sound?
user1138: i don't think that was ever built in, but there's an extension called "Noise Control" that does it
also mutes on click
user1138: that's a chrome feature xD
i believe in jesus now
is there some way to turn off smooth scroll
ahhhh so much better!
guideX: what did you do?
turned off the smooth scrolling
I'm a long time chrome user trying to get used to ff
and the smooth scrolling was driving me nuts!
now if I can only get rid of all these icons
what does the star+clipboard do?
moved it all to menu, ah so much better :)
How do I disable "Pocket"?
Oh. Easy enough to find in about:config, I guess.
Hi all. Last week my colleague, twb, was discussing a Firefox TLS error with Cork. Firefox gave a DER error for certs signed with our internal CA. I verified the error occurs with Firefox 38.0.1, but for Firefox 38.
This is inconsistent with Cork's suggestion that the problem is related to the phasing out of 1K certs in FF 34 (https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2014/09/08/phasing-out-certificates-with-1024-bit-rsa-keys). I'm attempting to debug further.
Firstly: Does anybody have a best practices document for the characteristics of a key and cert that is considered secure by today's standards?
every search with firefox I get "Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at www.bing.com."
and then the url is: https://www.bing.com/search?q=tortoise+undo&pc=MOZI&form=MOZLBR
there is no bing https
works for me
maybe try a tracert to www.bing.com to see if you can reach it at all
hrm ok
b0at: https bing works for you eh?
if it works in other browsers, maybe try clearing all your history and cache. or start a new profile

you know, I'm embarassed to say, it doesn't work in the other browsers, well chrome anyways
doing a tracert, it's taking a while...
after 14 hops, it says trace complete, but there were a lot of timeouts
so I guess not a firefox problem
fwiw, `dig @ www.bing.com` does a CNAME to any.edge.bing.com and that resolves to for me
or on windows `nslookup www.bing.com`
as of a few months ago, HTTPS Bing was more or less in beta, IIRC
oh I wasn't aware of that..
I don't typically use bing, but firefox wants to
but it can't
changed it to duckduckgo, easy fix
but kind of odd..
(Action) is incredulous that Bing is so far behind the times
hello, is there a way to disable Ctrl+C protection that some pages seem to have? it's not possible to copy text from those pages
(if anyone is interested, I will msg an example link)
oskie: Sometimes disabling JavaScript helps
mattcen: I guess I have to use a plugin to do that per page
(Action) uses NoScript to disable it by default, and enables it only when he needs it
you can just toggle javascript.enabled in about:config for a one-off thing
eg, go to about:config?filter=javascript.enabled and double click it
oskie: disable about:config?filter=dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled
mattcen: i checked through the logs, and i only suggested it might be
i never had access to the site so couldn't test what it was
all he shared was http://sprunge.us/VXEV
and that isn't enough to tell
Cork: Fair enough. I'm puzzled, because I've generated new certs with the same size key (2048 RSA) and hash (SHA1) on a newer system, and didn't get any complaints from Firefox, and the code diff between 38.0 and 38.0.1 doesn't have anything obvious that might explain the error.
So let's assume I ignore *diagnosing* the problem and just generate new keys.
mattcen: if you have a link i can use to reproducing the problem i would give you a more exact cause
there are good tools around to find exactly what change caused something to change
If I generate new CA and server certs with RSA keys that are greater than 2048 bits, and use SHA2, is there *anything* else (other cert attributes) I should take care to set, or not set, to ensure it's (a) secure by today's standards, and (b) avoiding complaint from Firefox
Cork: OK, I'll see what I can do for you.
Ah, I know.
Cork: If you trust this CA: http://sprunge.us/ONhB, then browse to https://cengia.id.au, you should see the same issue. Different cert/ca pair, and different server, but probably generated with similar settings, and definitely has the same error returned to the user by Firefox
mattcen: k, looking
ugg, so its a pref change
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