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hi I think I have an outdated version of firefox and I need to update
I recently installed Linux Mint on this computer with a fresh install, and firefox came with it
how exactly would i update
& could you stop changing nicks
how do i get a text dump of what the browser sees with links
kind of like what lynx -dump does
i need to script something
hey guys
anyone here have any experience developing firefox addons?
yes probably.. i need some help. i want to create an add-on that downloads files as they are requested
like everything that's requested has a response right and i want the resposne to be download like pngs, swfs etc
i looked through the default modules of the sdk on the site but i couldnt find one that could help m
any ideas?
help aid assist - how do you get FF to load/dump a bunch of urls for parsing via a script
i tried webkit but that doesn't work with this site
Is there some way of using the integrated Dev Editition IDE for work on static pages as oposed to app projects?
lazarus477: what is "the integrated Dev Edition IDE"?
Peng: might want to use forward-bans in the future :)

Peng: *!*@hostmask$#forward-to-channel
Oh. Meh.
anddam: I was refering to the integrated WebIDE of Firefox Developer Edition.
Hello. Question: Are the icons used by bookmarks refreshed at every 'fox startup? They seem to not be present when the ff is started offline (no internet connection), then they appear when connected online.
_abc_: they should be cached
auscompgeek: I know they should be but are they really? Because I see this a lot, no icons when offline, icons appear when online. I have not sniffed traffic to see, but I am pretty sure that is happening. There should be a setting to set the cache expiry/check time somewhere, I guess? Any idea where to look? In about:settings I assume?
I mean, about:config
Okay in about:cache I see now: http://www.ekathimerini.com/favicon.ico?3906103013 2015-07-01 10:45:49 // 2015-07-01 13:12:58
dates are for last_modified // expires
Which looks like it's going to expire in just 4 hours or so. That is definitely not what I want for .ico files
Not all seem to be affected
(not all icons)
Would a page expiry time in the hmtl page also affect icon expiry time? Would that explain the very short cache time for the ico?
you should probably yell at whoever runs that website then
auscompgeek: It's a Greek news in English site online, I can't yell at them. Is my assumption wrt page expiry time affecting icon cache expiry time reasonable?
Because it does make sense and I can't see a problem with that right now. There is no standard for setting separate expiry times for icons in a page.
Interesting, this is also a way to keep track of former visitors eh. Tag icons with a tag, and simply watch server logs for icon reloads.
The reloads would occur even if the user would meanwhile no longer be in private/anonymous surf mode. NOT GOOD.
Firefox privacy enhancement feature proposal: Tag all cached and bookamrked objects acquired or updated (!) in private browsing mode so they pop up a warning if one attempts to use them in non private mode later, and block all icon reloads of such while in non private mode while at it.
*bookmarked even.
Also it seems all news sites are affected, which is logical, they all have short page expiry time settings.
_abc_: the server should set the Cache-Control header to a reasonable value for favicon.ico though...
That is a good point, but does it bother?
Also is there a way to override such in ff?
There does not seem to be one.
I found one site which sets the cache control (expiry time) to Unix epoch. 1970-01-01 02:00:00
Which is definitely in the past. I half HOPE ff does the right thing and does not refresh that every half second. Negative delta t from present to expiry say >1 week in abs value should lead to no refresh.
You can easily see what is going on by going to about:cache and then Ctrl-F and enter .ico in the search
So most sites seem to have reasonable expiry times in the range of about 1 month to 3 years. But ekathimerini.com sets it to under 4 hours and there's that site which sets the expiry to the Unix epoch. There should really be a setting or filter in ff to catch these things.
Plus the security aspect I showed about, wrt links bookmarked while in secure mode, having expiry/refresh times causing a possible reload/icon reload when not in secure mode.
Okay, moving on, thanks for the ideas auscompgeek
*I talked about ^
What about negative expiry times?
Thanks for the link auscompgeek
anyone used webkit to scrape
i cannot add nor get rid of addons
the selected add on just disappears, not giving me an option to install it or get rid of it
someonehere don't perhaps have an patched version of the add on abducted! , one that runs on the newest FF
or some other way of making images of the contends of a div
is there any way to debug why firefox is suddenly slow with loading a page
My friends firefox looks like this: https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpt1/v/t35.0-12/11660022_813325945451066_370235634_o.jpg?oh=778984b5f1a6bd445969449cde1645f3&oe=55971B89&__gda__=1435883544_d487bf704c7191ca50b0dda5ba301bc5
Font Wise....
but his default font in preferences shows serifs
any suggestions?
maybe the system is choosing an outline font for some reason. i know they exist, at least.
oh yeah? b0at I think he is using Ubuntu 15.04
i don't know how to navigate the decisions firefox and then the system use to determine ultimately which font to use based on its name mappings, tnough.

i seem to have a problem with html5 audio stuff in firefox
maybe a linux or ubuntu channel can tell you how to find what font firefox is asking for, and whether that's reasonable (and you need to dig deeper in the system) or not (and it's firefox or pango or something)
the song duration is not right
it's only showing the duration of what it has buffered
ah yes, maybe he can try a different one, his default serif, which is what mine shows as well, maybe that one got over wrote or something
is there a way to fix this/
thanks b0at
designbybeck: do you have extra fonts installed?
not sure kbrosnan this was for a friend that was having the prob
he logged off at the moment
designbybeck: using the inspector on the element should show the font in use. ctrl + shift + c and click on the element
designbybeck: i would guess that they have some custom fonts installed and they are overriding one of "Helvetica Neue",Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif
ok thanks kbrosnan I'll pass that on to him and get thim to check that
keep having black boxes appear on firefox
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