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on old computer with windows xp sp3, in latest firefox i think v42 it wont upload attachments into gmail
it says failed, and basically during upload just stops uploading
i tried disabling spdy as i read on google but that only prevented the message from saying failed, but it still stops in the first 1/3rd of upload
and it stays there moving slowly forever
how come gmail has such issues on firefox
on ie8 upload works
windows xp is unsupported by microsoft
then i tried thunderbird i think v38 portable and same thing when trying to upload a mail with attachment
i dont think this is winxp thing, rather firefox thing
Any addons running on that FF install? Tried a reinstall yet?
no addons
didnt try reinstall
Okay. Just curious what you have tried so far. Anything else tried so far?
no just disabling spdy in about:config
Gotcha. Thanks. Thinking...
ive seen others have had this problem on google
oh btw
computer is so old it lacks sse2 instructions and like a month ago it refused to install latest firefox
so i installed v36 or something like that
it's for a friend

but now she called me she can't upload attachment and i connect via teamviewer and i see she has latest firefox
it somehow updated anyhow
as if mozilla decided to still support old cpus without sse2
even though install wouldnt go though before
because of lack of sse2
ie8 cant run normal gmail but that simpler html version of gmail
i tried that too in firefox but still chokes on attachment
in ie8 it works and uploads correctly
and attachment is like only 3.5MB docx file
Anything in the console?
didnt look in console
i dont have access to her computer now, i just popped in to ask
first time i see that gmail wont upload
Sure, makes sense.
misterno: how old is this file?
misterno: sorry, mean how big
btw i tried a file of 75kb and it uploaded
oh, thought this was about a large file
this 3.5mb starts and then about 1/3rd in it chokes
i tried putting it in rar and zip, same thing, although slightly better
takes forever
i even managed to pass through and upload but it took like forever
like 10-15 minutes
it just chokes
there are no viruses or anything, xp sp3 was installed freshly a month ago
also tried patching tcp concurrent connection in xp to increase from 10 to 256, but same thing
this is mostly for torrents i think
but ie8 works :D
who would have thought
oh yeah, chrome which also didnt want to install latest because of lack of sse2, so i installed version 26, works slightly faster at attaching but most of the times also chokes
so both firefox and chrome wont do it
there must be something else besides spdy in firefox that is choking it
sounds like a modern smart phone would be more powerful
pretty much
but people are poor you know
and this isn't some western developed country
a lot of people here run old computers on xp since they cant affort buying new one
and to be honest if it works why should they, most of the times it can be made to work
oh i didnt check if ie8 was connecting through ssl
there was some notice about invalid certificate
but on ff and chrome it is always https
maybe that is causing issues
Check the useragent that FF is reporting on that machine next time you are on it.
when i was googling for solution i somehow missed the comments in here https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/928888#answer-339203
i read about spdy disabling but missed about checking if network.http.keep-alive was set to true
my guess is it is since her ff is pretty much default
but in case it isn't then this might help
Try that and if that doesn't do the trick, I'd check the console and do some general diagnostic stuff like checking UA, networking tab, etc. Compare both IE and FF and see if anything stands out.
Interesting problem, though.
i dont really know how to do this diagnostic
i mean i could check pressing f12 but it's not like i know exactly what to do or look
Understandable. Using F12 in both IE and FF, I'd simply keep an eye out for timeout errors.
hmm i didn't try clearing cache and cookies XD
ie8 has f12?
I'm pretty sure it does. Been a while since I used it though :D
Seems to say it does.

i now read some people reporting they claim what worked for them is deleting all cookies
ofc that was back then in ff13
so it might not be connected
dude i still remember ff v3
how long ago was that?
it was around time chrome appeared
Too long ...
but how long remind me plz
5 years?
or more
Search engines are telling me June 17, 2008.
when ff4 came out and was horrible was when i made a switch to chrome and since then im still on it
ff improved since v40
they improved smooth scrolling
i think added better multithreading
but im too stuck on chrome now, very little chance of going back
and you know what
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