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how do I get firefox to trust self-signed certs for localhost dev when hte server sends hsts headers?
actually, I don't know if the server is sending the header, afaict it's not
but it must be because firefox is blocking the local site
looks less like a hsts header, and more simply like https on localhost using a self-signed certificate
this feels like a bug
the response is "This site uses HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) to specify that Firefox only connect to it securely. As a result, it is not possible to add an exception for this certificate." however I have confirmed that there is no header in the response that indicates hsts
try it in private mode. if that works, then you'll need to clear whatever hsts sets, however it's classified (cache, cookie, etc)
thanks for the idea, but no dice
here are the 'technical details' localhost.twitter.com:4445 uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because it is self-signed. (Error code: sec_error_unknown_issuer)
:D must be cached locally from some other request to twitter
turns out this is only the most recent version of firefox
o/ problem solved
ok.. problem almost solved :D
the UI problem I'm trying to fix only happens in the latest version :D
... why on earth would you call yourself localhost.twitter.com
clearly there is no UI problem to fix
folks, where does firefox save content of the current webpage? (i.e I want to access to pictures files and stuff that are part of the current webpage I visit from the command line )
renn0xtk9: depends, but first of what os?
I am using linux ubuntu 15.04 (KDE more specifically)
ok then as long as you aren't browsing in a private window
the files are stored in ~/.cache/mozilla/firefox/<profile hash>.<profile name>/cache2
though note it isn't using the sites file name
and the file might hold more then one entry
opps missed cache2/entries
and there's no guarantee something will be saved at all

Okay I see. So then I you are wishing to autmatically intercept a picture send on a given webpage, how would you do? Because indeed in /entries folder there are lot of files and it is hard to know who ist what..
renn0xtk9: right click the page and choose "page info"
and then media
pick the image you want to save and save it
Cork but what if I want to automate it? I have a website that send images on the page over and over and I want to save it automatically
hey , when will mozilla incorporate pinch to zoom in mac
renn0xtk9: sounds like what you want is a spider
renn0xtk9: give a webspider the webpage and tell it to save the image from the source
hack wget can do that
Cork (and what if it is actually a java application ? ^^)
renn0xtk9: if the image is shown in a java applet
then firefox won't see the image in the first place
if java is ran on the server it won't matter
alright, but if I click on analyse the source code in mozila and select that elemnt, it says a refernce to a png file . So even if it is ran on the server there must be a way to intercept the png no?
hi!!! is there anyway to disable all extensions when launching private browsing?
i don't feel safe accessing my bank with all those extensions running
(i'm giving firefox a new try since there is a 64 bits version finally)
okay anyway, I just made an update of firefox and now the applet is not working anymore
update afeter update firefox is working less and less
it does not play videso anymopre
now does not play that
my firefox 44 plays videos just fine
but never minde the keep the same way "One release a day keep the users away "
on windows probably
I'm not on Windows
I refuse to abide by the devil's ways
it is just not technically possible to make so much release and checking them as well .. firefox was better in version 3 or 4 when there was less release but better checked
do you get amazon instant videos working?
I don't think that service is even available in Australia
so I can't answer that question
allright.. here it is just ridiculous it was not even an update I had a bar at the bottom I tsays "firefox starts slow do you want to do something blalb" I clicked on, then clicked on a "Refresh Firefox "button < got knows what it does
and since then the site I was viewwing is not working anymore...
I really find that the quality of firefox is getting down and down compared to opera and chrome
When I clikc inspect element I see something likt this <img src="" style="background: rgba(255,0,0,0.498);"> < is there anyray to intercept the source image and autmatically save it somewhere ?
renn0xtk9: that *is* the image, there is nothing to intercept
auscompgeek, but this image must be stored somewhere right?
sure, it's stored in RAM. but that probably isn't useful to you.
and is there a way, commadnline/ script/ whatsover to tell FF (or any webbrowser) to dump it into a file, or at least to access it from another app

just open it in your browser, it literally is the image
or, since it's an <img> on the page, right click it and choose Save As
Yes but what I want to do is to automate the Save As process
oh. then just do that? it's just base64
it's not like it's some proprietary encoding that nobody knows about
okay, but I am not very litterate and I don't see how to automate it I mean:
it is a website that ask me for login and then starts to send those images over and over again
if I use wget to automate the analysis of page source code, it always go to the page with the login
that'd be because you're not logging in
we can't really help you with writing a script, this channel is for support with firefox
there's probably another place that would be appropriate to get help with what you're attempting to do
any channel more related to expeimental/scripting feature of ff?
renn0xtk9: I haven't seen the whole conversation, do you just want to download images from a site? There should be an addon for that
Capsy7: yes, it is a site that will send image over and over again ( i think with some sort of javascript, I am not litterate at all with weblanguages :S) . What I want to to is to systematically save them on the harddrive.
From my understanding: when I ask the source code of the page of the page it does not contains the image
but when using the "inspect elemnt" function it does
renn0xtk9: have you checked to see if downthemall works?
So it all boils down to getting firefox dumping the code that it shows you when you click inspect element
I will give it a try but it seems you still have to click it
if you want to reverse engineer a website and write a script, by all means, nobody here is stopping you
aucompgeek, I am not saying, somebeody is stopping me, I am just seeking for hints on how to start since I am not very litterate with web developement saddly
btw, I appreciate your help ;)
Do I need to enable anything for at-spi to work with firefox?
I'm trying to get onboard (virtuel keyboard) to be vissable when in a text field.
Can I check if firefox accessibility is enabled?
is there a way to watch a variable life while it is being changed by javascript? ive seen that its possible to add a breakpoint and see it afterwards...but what if i don want to interrupt the code?
you could log the values to the console or add them to a html element
Is there a way that you can find out what specific script is slowing down your browser in a website? Kind of like "top" for scripts running on your browser?
I'm using noscript with all scripts enabled by default, then manually getting rid of annoying ones. Blocking all by default just breaks the internet, and is very tedious
But CNET for instance, TONS of sites are running scripts, and it's like pulling teeth figuring out which one is slowing the browser to a crawl.
It would be nice if there were an extension that lists running scripts, and organizes them by resource usage. Maybe it's been done, maybe it's even a default part of firefox- but I can't seem to find it.
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