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Hello, im getting my fonts rejected by firefox sanitizer and i would like to know why
fonts are FontAwesome
i found nothing on google
lots of people having the issue back in 2014 tho
no solutions
are you using the most recent version of the font/
kbrosnan yep
https://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/ looks ok for me
are you trying to use them cross domain? or on a https site while serving the font from a http resource?
its all in my website
kbrosnan: its a firefox issue
kbrosnan: chrome has no issue with these extremely popular fonts
they are pretty much used everywhere
do you use noscript?
kbrosnan: nope, i just disabled every addon and still nothing
kbrosnan: http://i.imgur.com/BrppTY9.png
kbrosnan: any idea what could be the issue?
Twirl: check the sha hash of the font from production and the 4.4 font downloaded from the github download page
kbrosnan: what?

Twirl: what os do you use?
evdw87: ubuntu
kbrosnan: the files are fine because i just updated them just in case
Twirl: ok, nevermind. I once came across this, have a look: http://jamie.curle.io/posts/firefox-font-rejected-by-sanitzer/
don't know if it helps
evdw87: im not using scss or any other css preprocessors
its probably something in my website and not firefox fault but the error message is "not accepted by firefox sanitizer"
searching for the beginning of the error message string from that screenshot gives quite a few results that might be relevant, but it requires digging into the code. this might be something #css or whatever could identify quickly, if so.
evdw87: idk what that is man
found the issue
the link was wrong and nginx was responding with 200
so i didnt check for wrong url
glad you found it :)
Hello. I need some help. There's a web site that opens a new window (for performing credit card payments). After it's done it's supposed to close the window, to return to the original site and process the payment... but when it tries to leave, I get a "are you sure you want to leave this page" dialog. But this dialog is not only hidden under the opened window, but if I manage to change size in the opened
window enough to get to the dialog, it will not take in mouse clicks. It looks like the opened window is a sort of modal window that is not letting the gui process inputs on the dialog.
Is there any way to select leave page on that dialog, so that the process continues? If I close the whole browser, the process will be hung midway, and this will cause a charge on my CC without the original site processing the order.
I just need to somehow hit "leave" on that popup for the process to continue
Sounds pretty fragile, it should never be possible that the money is taken without granting the good to be purchased with it
This is sloppy design, this should be one atomic process
But I fear I couldnt help you
(with your problem at hand)
Did you try just hitting enter as soon as you notice that dialog box appearing?
Philias: Enter, space. Doesn't work
Well, maybe you could convince the provider to fix his code :)
It never happened for me that I had to answer that confirmation for a modal window
Its actually just a few sites which asked for it at all, the only one I can remember is Mibbit, but there the windows was definitely not modal
Well, the best of luck, maybe somebody else will reply with a solution, I dont think Im of much use
But Ill head to bed now, good night!
Well, for now, I managed with ctrl-shift-k on linux, and using the console for a window.close()
But, this failed on mac :P
Oh well, thanks anyhow
anyone know if the new Subresource Integrity spec also applies to download links? <a href="http://example.org/foo.exe" sha1="...">
Can anyone help with some firefox JavaScript Debugging? Specifically, I am unable to edit the active script stopped at a break point. I want to comment out a future line of code and then continue execution, but I can't seem to get the debugger to let me edit the code.
Can anyone here help me with using the Firefox debugger?
firefox 41.0.1 has weird behavior opening a new tab... focus tends to be random either on the url bar or search bar. And it disobeys my browser.newtab.url setting and shows the annoying speed dial thing instead. wtf...
oh and I think this new firefox breaks freshplugin video output too... I thought it was the plugin's fault before, but on this 2nd machine I updated firefox but not the plugin
can someone help me
i am trying to sync bookmarks between my pc and android phone but they are seperated and organized in a really strange way.. is there any way to consolidate them instead of have and Desktop and Mobile bookmarks?
what's a good way to stop any sound playing from a new tab before I allow it to play?
i'm scared of getting websites screaming at me because i have my volume up high listening to music with headphones all the time
is this a problem that has any solution at all?

circle: set media.autoplay.enabled to false in about:config
notice when playing videos to actually press the play button in the lower left corner otherwise it may fail
I think it's a bug
circle: sound control is a feature coming, but it isn't in release yet
and it requires a VERY new flash version to work for flash sound
evdw87, interesting, that's an option, does that catch all possible sound? is there a way to whitelist websites?
Firefox is using 100% cpu for a few second when I go to youtube.com on Debian Jessie, on ubuntu trusty there is no problems
Cork, i noticed that in pulse audio there's a way to control audio levels for every individual audio source (so i can mute certain tabs through my OS, without even using the browser). still not a solution tot his particular problem though.
Cork, that's awesome. it still needs some config options it seems though, like a way to block sound from new tabs and whitelist/blacklist websites
found the blog post i was looking for http://ehsanakhgari.org/blog/2015-07-30/tab-audio-indicators-and-muting-in-firefox-nightly
circle: an extension can most likely provide that
it doesn't look like it will be a default option
Cork, thanks heaps for showing me that anyway. i often open 100 + tabs at once and finding the tab playing audio can be annoying, it was one feature i missed from chrome
circle: it has been a LONG standing feature
but it required a lot of work to make it possible
and that has taken some time
it was actually requested long before chrome was around
why did it take so much work?
but back then it wasn't even atemted cause flash, java and what ever other plugins was common back then would make the ui confusing
circle: cause you have to implement plumbing to track sound to a tab
that has been fixed for a while
another blocker was plugins
flash is fixed, and most of the others has died over the years
(noone uses java on the web, or other third party video players)
windows media player embedment was quite common back then
for example
Cork, interesting that tracking sound to a tab wasn't just a basic part of the underlying code. that's interesting though.
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