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so my WM crashed a few times of my own fault and iceweasel/firefox didn't seem to take this lightly and when opened gave me the options of running in safe mode or "refresh". there was no close option either. I chose refresh only to seemingly have the entire browser reset itself removing all addons and previous tabs and so on. any way I can restore it back to how it was before I pressed refresh or did I just loose months of confi
lasdam: there should be a folder with the old data on /Desktop or maybe $home?
kbrosnan: thank you! any suggestions on how to deal with this new error "iceweasel is already running" when there is no iceweasel process running? if not I'll probably figure it out eventually on my own or I'll install a different browser in the meanwhile to search for answers
problem: bad permissions.... I never learn... well, problem solved.
lasdam: yeah in the future, http://kb.mozillazine.org/Profile_in_use
on firefox android: how can i add a search engine?
syntroPi: http://cpeterso.com/blog/02012/10/adding-custom-search-engines-to-firefox-for-android/
from the first page of search results
thanks seems i was confused by tapping address bar vs text input
sometimes a picture is worth 1000+ words
how do I enable MSE & H.264 in https://www.youtube.com/html5 ? I enabled gstreamer and setted media.mediasource.enabled. I am using arch linux
check about:buildconfig for the gstreamer version to make sure the major part is the same as what you have installed (likely 1.x)

b0at: I did. It's the same
Heya guys anyone using Thunderbird? Got a simple Q
and thunderbird channel only got like 4 ppl :P
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