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What's the secret code to make Firefox render pages live as every packet of data rolls in?
rather than waiting for every last ad banner to download
(Firefox is the only browser that waits for 100% of the page+elements to download before rendering)
Raccoon: wish I knew, but adblock plus helps for speed
pple... anyone could tell me how I could check with FF if a CGI script is starting to be executed?
I'm trying to get Firefox in Ubuntu to automatically load an app when I click on an associated file to download... however, The app doesn't show up on Open With, and when I click on Other, it only opens the documents folder.
if firefox is closed and upon opened up again no tabs are reloaded, can they somehow be afterwards?
hello, i am getting a redirect loop error. i have cleared both the cache and cookies, and restarted the browser. i have googled and found nothing that helps. can anyone provide further guidance?
hello beautiful people
anyone alive?
clearly not
All of my html tags have an inline style of text-shadow:none in my 3.6.5pre, is there anyway to stop this?

im havng a weird issue with being able to highlight text. i try, and things get all jumpy. I assuem this is related to a plugin i have added. anyone see this before?
anyone can help debugging a problem where firefox won't start when launched from xterm but just returns to the prompt without any output? (but the same firefox will start if started from a ssh login)
Hello! I can't open the python.org site. I can ping it and open it from other browsers (I've just tryed links).
What could be the problem?
I haven't got any ideas. :(
try restart firefox, so its not something in its dns cache
I have this issue for a few days.
tried in firefox safe mode?
<firebot> Firefox's own Safe Mode (and in other supported Mozilla applications) is a good way to see if an extension, theme or ui customizations (localstore.rdf) are causing a problem. See http://s4c.in/gx or http://s4c.in/gy
The same problem in safe mode too.
you have a software firewall?
I'm runnin the linux, so I have the firewall but that should be ok.
It's well configured and that's not the problem, I'm sure.
Is there something more what I should check?
might be some bus error
but i've never had to fiddle with it, so its beond what i can help with
is there a list of all headers sent by firefox when it requests a page?
Appetite, there is Live Headers plugin.
Atlantic777: thanks i'll look into that
is there a way to manually cache a page / tell FF not to send a request?
I have some tutorial/manual pages that are long and I'm always referring back to
and I'd like to get ff to save the page in it's entirety and never reload it 'til I ask
when i download an asx file, firefox gives me the option to browse for an app to open it with, but i can't save my preference, the checkbox is grayed out. why is that?
also, i'm having trouble accessing web servers running on port 22, it seems firefox blocks certain ports by default, how can i disable this behavior?
where can i find the emails downloaded using imap
in thunderbird
Is there a way to enforce custom CSS on every page visited by firefox?
Specifically, I want ANY <input> to have a background-color of black, and a color of white

juiceman5000, greasemonkey can probably do that
ÿi am getting a redirect loop error. i have cleared both the cache and cookies, and restarted the browser. i have googled and found nothing that helps. can anyone provide further guidance?
I couldn't find this on the internet and wasn't sure where to ask it... so i came here. Has anyone heard when the stable version of firefox will have webm support?
is it possible to turn off the tab-preview things? they are verry irritating when one tries to move the tabs
instead of just moving the tab you get this small webpages screenshots to drag around too, so it those can be turned off it would be nice
*if those webpage-screenshots can be turned off I mean
bobo123: Well a quick look in about:config and on google doesn't appear to turn up anything. I'm not anywhere near an expert, but i'd assume the answer is that you can't turn it off. I'll keep looking though.
Oh wait, here you go.
Not sure if this is EXACTLY what you wanted... but the key nglayout.enable_drag_images in about:config seems to be what you need
Though, it doesn't show -anything- when you drag.
mordocai: when it's ready :) it'll be in firefox 4. not sure if it'll be backported for firefox 3.6
bobo123: I'd assume that'd effect any dragging though, not just tabs.
zpao: Thanks, just was curious. I'm using the nightly build that was posted for now.
ok I try that
(Action) starts learning c++ so he can remove certain features of firefox :-)
Yeah. I, personally, haven't found any non-configurable features that bug me. Though, I do know c++ so I could probably change it if i wanted to.
If you do something, you should make it an option and see if they want it for the main version.
Is there any way to make a .pac file specify that a SOCKS proxy be used for DNS lookups?
Figured it out. PAC has been extended to allow strings of the form "SOCKS5 proxy_ip:proxy_port" to be returned.
quick question: firefox renders some pages diffrently based on the url i enter
if i use localhost vs 192.168.x.x the page will render quite a bit differently
anyone else experience this?
just me aye? :
if it is your own webserver you are requesting your page from, it shoudn't be any difference in rendering, right?
thats what i thought
i have an instance of tomcat running on my machine
(as long as you haven't configured your webserver to handle request to "192.168.xx.xx" and "localhost" differentyl of course, you can do that if you really want...)
and the page rendering will change depnding if im using localhost or the ip address to view the page
i havent
maybe it has something setup by default
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