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firefox (current version 3.5.9 - ubuntu 9.10) has stopped asking me if i wish it to save my tabs on close, happened a few months ago too
can somebody remind me what boolean i need to set to true in about:config?
that is really buggy
i fixed it by following the 5 steps on http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Firefox+does+not+ask+to+save+tabs+and+windows+on+exit
strange thing is, i already had everything set as instructed, what i did do was uncheck "warn me when closing multiple tabs" and then recheck it
so i didn't change anything but turning on and off worked
Allright all the devs here - there's some serious issues with my firefox (3.6.4) - It just refuses to open up under windows 7. Weirdly, it just opens up on every alternate restart of my windows machine..
it wouldt even populate itself as a process in windows (can be seen thro ' Task manager) otherwise. Anyone seen issus like this before ?
Tried in Safe Mode? http://support.mozilla.com/kb/Safe+Mode
auscompgeek, nope, no luck
Are there any kown compatibilty issues with nokia ovi suite?
Also, my google chrome also has been acting up lately
any ideas ?
http://support.mozilla.com/kb/Profile+Manager ?
How come with I close popup type windows or input prompt boxes, I always get two input boxes from firefox asking if I want to close all tabs without saving, save and close all, or cancel?
attempting to close alerts, inputs and prompts causes Firefox to ask if you want to close the browser? :S
hi. does anybody know how can i log chats in chatzilla? is there a plugin?
er, /log 1
for every single view you want to log
also, this isn't a ChatZilla channel.

nobody is in the chatzilla channel
this is the closest i could find
then you should connect to moznet and join #chatzilla
chatzilla is too small to really have an established channel here on freenode.
Well, it asks me (twice) if I want to close all tabs (Yes..Save, Yes..NoSave, Cancel)
tengopreguntas: for any other chatzilla questions, *please* visit irc://moznet/chatzilla
Even if its just a CoolPreview window within the page which I close, it asks that..it gets quite annoying sometimes
is there some nightly version of greasemonkey avaliable that works with the firefox nightlies?
I've actually gone back to using the old 3.6.x series just because I suddenly have a need for greasemonkey
hi. i can't find the way to scrolling horizontally while pressing shift + mousewheel. Any tip ?
i'm playing with values "mouseweel.horizsf
sorry "mousewheel.horizscroll" in about:config but can't make it happens
can anyone help me quickly, I am trying to download the source for the Mozilla ActiveX control (To use in cedega for running WoW), now on the web it refers to:
"The ActiveX source code is part of the Mozilla source tree. Tarballs are usually to be found here. All the code is contained in the subdirectory mozilla/embedding/browser/activex/src."
but for the life of me I cant find anything on the ftp servers. or do I have to download the entire source?
the url where I am reading @ the moment if it makes any difference: http://www.iol.ie/~locka/mozilla/control.htm
firefox doesn't load if I store my profile on a ramdisk and symlink to it if I have certain addons installed. any ideas why this may be?
for example, storing my profile on /dev/shm and having my home directory symlink to it works fine with a fresh install but not if I install xmarks (for instance)
to be slightly more exact, the very first time you restart firefox after installing xmarks it works but after that it doesn't
copy the profile off /dev/shm to the disk and it magically works again
Why does Firefox claim that a SSL/TLS certificate is "invalid" whenever it is not signed by an authority?
Do the makers of Firefox realize what problems it gives site owners who cannot pay the large amount of money for a CA signed one?
Or who cannot get anyone to sign it for some reason.
mysgroda: "invalid" and "not trusted" are different things
grreat: But it says "invalid".
That's the whole point.
If it said "not trusted", it would be fine.
if your certificate is invalid, then you are doing something wrong. Otherwise would say "not trusted" i guess. And i'm just guessing
It says invalid because it is not CA signed.
That is the point.
yes that is wrong
So Firefox should change its phrasing.
To not make it so "scary".
or firefox itself would turn "scary" instead
i agree
Anyone can tell me how to activate console.log in Firebug?

fyi to anyone who runs into a similar problem as me: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=551152 seems to detail the problem (the xpti engine is broken in 3.6.3 wrt filesystem links)
i have ubuntu 8.04 with default mozilla 3.0 beta 5th. i downloaded the recent version of mozilla and though the instructions were to operate the commands in terminal mode i did it in gui. the problem is the recent version works only once after that it again shifts to the previous versioncan any body help
good day #firefox
does someone have an idea how to disable this stupid feature
when you press tab accidentaly and it focus switches to submit button
you continue typing and your form being submitted
is there a way to control what order extensions that control the same thing take effect in?
i.e. I have tab mix plus and vimperator and they both seem to control which tab is focused after closing a tab
and I want tab mix plus to take priority
is there any plugin to manage my bookmarks?
nhak: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/search?q=bookmarks
damd, thanks but i need a tool to manage my bookmarks centrally, like when i use a computer in public, can though access to my list ...
nhak: there are lots of those around, just look through the list
Uhm. Hello.
I've got a weird problem with compiling firefox from ports in freebsd 8.0
I get an error like this:
member ../../staticlib/components/libgklayout.a(nsHtml5NamedCharacters.o) in archive is not an object
and the whole compilation fails.
what is your mozconfig?
hello. Where can I find people responsible for addons.m.o ?
hello, I've upgraded firefox to 3.5.9 and I lost java applets
I've got this problem with Firefox media plugins and trayion. When media is played in FF an empty icon is spawned in trayion, and it's not "closable". Any suggestions? Where to ask?
does silverlight work in firefox3 on a mac?
does microsoft have a NPAPI silverlight plugin for mac?
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