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does weave save extensions and their settings?
Anyone here develop extensions? I have a quick question about wrappedJSObject
If I deleted history from firefox, can I see it by any method
restorig deleted history basically
unless you are on a linux distro that doesn't compile sqlite right
but...that problem should be mostly gone at this point
sdwilsh: i am on OSX
you are fine
no way to see it
SPYWARE IS NOTHING BUT SURVEILLENCE SOFTWARE what it is is nothing but a laptop in the middle of a desert with a satellite connection and some spy software
hi all might i get some help here
i run shadow defender on my pc here and need to know what file in firefox v3.6 gets updated when you click on a icon or gif or whatever in firefox and want to block it
hi keevie
hi pompy

is there some list that gives a survey about html5 support for mozilla based browsers? (supported elements, elements that will be supported and when) ?ty
Is there any particular reason why one file (which was "good" up until today it seems) is reported by Firefox as "File not found" (not the server), yet all other browsers on my box can find the file? Only Firefox seems to think it's missing ...
I also used an online HTTP request sniffer to determine that the respons from the server does say the request was good (200)
and has the correct results
nevermind. I resolved it. shift+reload-button fixed it, I was attempting to use "reload (skip cache)" through Mouse Gestures Redox, and that doesn't work the same (or at all?).
bl4ckcomb: https://developer.mozilla.org/en/HTML/HTML5 , https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Upcoming_Firefox_features_for_developers , https://developer.mozilla.org/en/Firefox_3.6_for_developers
http://hacks.mozilla.com should have some demos too
thx kbrosnan
though devmo is going through an upgrade tonight so it might be spotty access
dudes, im looking for a way to install the um, "flash". The page on Adobe's site doesn't work for me http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/thankyou/xpi/?installer=Flash_Player_10_for_Windows_-_Other_Browsers&d=McAfee_Security_Scan_Plus&xpiinstalled=1
i followed all the extra instructions that I gotr
and i don't want the McAfee thingie
(kidding, im no noob)
Hi, i installed thunderbird, and now when i click "Send as email" in microsoft word, thunderbird is launched, but no write email window appears.... what's more microsoft office hangs waiting for this window. Do people know about this bug?
I secretly want to punch every single one of you in the face. Is there an app for that?
Terabyte: #thunderbird can be found on irc.mozilla.org or http://getsatisfaction.com/mozilla_messaging
yeah it's dead as a dodo, i figured somebody here must be a mozilla fanboy like me and have both firefox and thunderbird installed. perhaps if they used office they might have encountered the same problem...
i actually got here via #mozilla not #firefox so sorry for dumping here :)
+and didn't realise i was redirected
Hi, can i just go on and ask a support question?
I'll go on then... the problem is that the process firefox-bin doesn't stop after i close firefox.
I know i can just kill the process, but i was wondering if there was anything else i could do?
ok, i'll just keep killing the process then :)
hope it makes no damage.
Day 2 of trying to build firefox 3.6.3: I believe I'm slowly going mad. Still no success. More and more errors are uncovered. Apparently nobody actually bothered to test the configure options
what does mean http://pastebin.com/4NMWxbTr ?
When i'm buiding an extension is there a way in about:config to recuce the wait time for the 'Install' button to active?
is there an addon to make firefox uses ips instead of domain names?
firefox-bin: getaddrinfo*.gaih_getanswer: got type "DNAME"
what is that in my logs??
FF just crashed on me by the restore tab bage will not do anything when i click the restore tab button
whats the best way to take a backup of Firefox?
FF 3.6 is full of fail on one of my OS X boxes (this one). Freezes the system for many seconds at a time every 15s or so. Anyone have suggestions on how to fix it perhaps?
Hi! I user tree style tab extension in firefox. When I start, it expands all tabs. How can I set the opposite behavior?

hello guys!
I am on a mac and when I ask to download a .dmg file Firefox keep waiting and it never starts. I am guessing it's a issue on the file type recognization process.
I already checked the preferences and my Firefox just doesn't have this kind of file listed.
I wonder how to fix this list or reset it.
Could someone help me please?
is it possible to change context menu with *plugin*? I don't talk about add-on
camcorder: for the section that is under the plug-in's control
anyone in here?
maybe somebody's got the answer to this: I am trying to use thunderbird and it keeps asking me for the password... I write the password... and asks me for the password again...
you might get a request for each tab or window thunderbird has open
though #thunderbird on irc.mozilla.org might be best to ask
Umm... Usually when I type something other than a URL into the address bar it'll take me to the "I'm feeling lucky" page... but for some reason it's now taking me to... well, for example for "food" - http://www.google.com/cse?cx=partner-pub-9609672093949948%3A2pdkvfm6u5y&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=food
I am not Spanish or Portuguese or anything... and the google still identifies me as en-US but... for some reason... any address bar searches go to this... place. Anyone know what's up?
Maybe my ISP has gone a little crazy but... just want to make sure.
It's my ISP... I'm pretty sure.
Anybody have any idea why vp8 video would work on http://people.mozilla.com/~prouget/demos/vp8/ but not YouTube?
YouTube says my browser won't support it when it obviously does :S
Hi, I'm trying to verify an unknown certificate authority that i *believe* is legit, but Firefox does NOT recognize. Is there a list of publicly known CAs and their md5/sha1 fingerprints somewhere?
I'm trying to access this url: https://chart.donhr.navy.mil/
sorry if my terminology is a bit off :/
Can anyone please tell me if webM code has already been committed to mozilla-central trunk?
mthorn, yeah *.navy.mil should be safe.
mthorn, I usually add an exception for the entire friggin domain.
Just to avoid the nags.
malnilion, I'm still vaguely worried about something like a dns hijack or something. Is there an easy way to ensure that the IP hasn't change recently? Honestly, I wouldn't care except for this specific use of that site, I have to enter my soc #
If I could verify either the ip, or the CA's md5 or sha1 fingerprint, I'd be satisfied
Where do I see which paths Firefox checks for plugins on this build?
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