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i want to update it to 3.66 but when it checks the updates it tells me that there are none
anyone have a stub of an XPCOM firefox extension they can share? I need one that is a combo of XPCOM and JS (I need to get stdout of a command line executable)
hi all, does anyone know a plugin that works a bit like wireshark?
Why wouldnt I be able to log into a website?
because you have some odd cookies or cache? try safe mode? Safe Mode (in supported Mozilla applications) is a good way to see if an add-on, theme or something else is causing a problem. Please see: http://support.mozilla.com/kb/Safe+Mode
Still didnt log in
ok a moment
try new profile
A profile stores your settings, extensions, application data, bookmarks, email, and so on. More information at http://support.mozilla.com/kb/Profiles .
The Profile Manager allows you to create/delete/switch profiles. Firefox: http://support.mozilla.com/kb/Managing+profiles Quit Firefox before using Profile Manager
Does the problem remain in new profile?
I messed up when starting in safe mode.. it fixed it..
uh, this is a bit embaressing
but I got rid of the navigation and other toolbars
and now I can't get them back
nowhere to right click to enable them

hit Alt
then view toolbars tick menubar for it to stay
then view toolbars tick navbar for it to stay
you're welcome :)
i use a glass addon that makes firefox look pretty with aero :D
and as such, i have my menu bar turned off
hello guys. I'm trying to change the default print copies from 1 to 3 in firefox. Like when the user wants to print a page, by default 3 is written in the number of copies text box
I went to about:config
I found an option for everything, except the default number of copies!
Helloo! Is there any addon that automatically sorts the bookmarks for you?
Like does the categorizing, etc.
how do I tell firefox to not download files
faaster than Xkb/s
Firefox 3.5.8 is not remembering passwords any more. How to solve this problem? (OS- Ubuntu 9.10)
Is there a way to convert an opened page (for example text only) in firefox, to a .pdf document?
Hi folks. Just to make sure (because it looks there is none): Is there a way to overwrite the clipboard from JavaScript?
hi... is there any keyboard shortcut which puts focus on the current document?
i like using "quick search" (') a lot and it bothers me when i have a text field focused or if i'm in the location bar. i sometimes have to resort to using the mouse.
Anyone know how to stop firefox from creating a Downloads folder? I've tried the about:config folderlist set to 0 but it keeps changing back to 2, it never saves or it keeps reenabling somehow.
These firefox issues lately have been making chrome and opera look good, lol.
[[n1x]] > how is that an issue?
Ubuntu comes with a downloads folder, it's under 'places' even
Windows Vista, Windows 7 both install with a downloads folder
i'm sure even MACOSX has one
all modern OS come with one, so why is it a problem for firefox to use it by default?
btw, you CAN change the settings to where firefox saves stuff
who woulda thought someone would file something STANDARD as a bug. oO
Lazure, lol, you don't understand the issue thats all
Lazure: I already have a folder for my downloads and its named "down", wtf would I need 2 folders doing the same thing, lol.
is it easily possible to tailor firefox to run at a certain ram limit?
or could firefox be configured to heavily swap on an ssd?

hey, firefox crashes with no message every time I laucnh it on linux. I have to launch in safe mode, close, and relaunch - then it works fine.
Actually I just have to bring up the safe-mode dialog, hit cancel, and relaunch
known issue?
felipe`: hi
hey felipe
Good afternoon (EST) everyone. Should an "F5" in an iframe (immutable) refresh the parent page? It does, but I'm trying to find a way to stop it.
Normally in the application in which the iframe rests, we have a onkeydown handler to look at the keycode and supress the event before it becomes an F5 refresh.
However, that code never gets executed if F5 was pressed when the focus is within the iframe.
I'd modify the content of the iframe if I could, but thats not possible with third party content.
Any mentors around where a GSoC idea can be discussed/
so if yuo have a nested iframe within and iframe, within an iframe, 20 levels deep for example, if you press F5 when in an put box in the innermost iframe, ALL iframes and parent pages refresh.
Not that I have that many nested iframes or anything, but I guess my understanding of the iframe is flawed. I figured it would be like other elements and bubble the event up, but it just skips right to the browser it seems.
I have unintentionally removed a .css file from my disk, is there a way to recover its cache version from firefox? How can I check whether it has been cached or not?
denysonique: about:cache
but don't have to high hopes
frankly you're much better off running your disk recovery tool and recovering the file from blocks before you overwrite it
or just restore from your backups..
Cork[home]: thanks but unfortunately it has been overwritten by the new style.css file...
basically I did cp -R somedir/ to style.css_dir/
somedir had a style.css file as well...
why you wouldn't use -i is beyond me
but actually I was testing the site in firefox in a windows xp virtual machine... in firefox and ie
do you have any precautions for my before running the vm to retrieve the cached css file/
is there any way to limit the speed of a single connection ?
because i am on some video page or downloading something, my surfing speed dies
When you're downloading or uploading?
Usually its uploading. :)
But really, you should set up some QoS on your router.
no, downloading
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