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BlueG, are you aware that it makes the memory footprint to grow faster ?
BlueG: yes
azazul: I suppose the question is whether the benefits outweigh the cost. I'm not saying they do, but I am curious as to what is being discussed for future versions of Firefox.
well . the "solution" is actually a "quick fix"
because IMO its not addressing the cause of the issue
it was made to prevent whole browser from freezing
rather you should fix bugs.
and the fix was "oh .. well .. lets just make it so that each tab is a browser"
does it really have any affect on the responsiveness of the interface at all? I had heard that using separate processes facilitated "backgrounding" the other tabs to make the current tab more responsive
are processes still significantly more expensive on Windows than Linux? ESR in TAOUP suggested they were about six times as expensive, though I am not sure in what way or if that is still true.
What about the separate private browsing window? That would actually be nice
how do I call firebug console.log from a chrome/xul javascript file
I'm trying to call console.log from a chrome/xul javascript file that I am writing, firebug doesn't seem to work for chrome apps
Hey, how do I get Firefox to override the Gtk default font colors?
My Gtk font is black on white, and this just doesn't work with Firefox.
er, white on black*

does anyone else find that shared profiles between win32/linux no longer work in 3.5? can someone else confirm? all I get is "cannot open profile because it is in use" non-sense now, even after deleting the .parentlock and killing process
ok, let me try this again, would using a shared profile on a ntfs partition, between 32bit XP and 64 bit linux sunbird/thunderbird/firefox pose an issue?
(Action) testing identifox any users around?
i installed it. but can't see it tools menu. Icon is displayed at the right corner and clicking it causes the preference window to open. i am yet to see any dents from it.
also yet to figure out how to dent from it.
the icon on the right bottom shows "43" along with the identica icon.. but i can't see those messages..
Why I am not getting upload option in imageashack website , while I am getting upload option in IE see the SS - http://i48.tinypic.com/zssp74.jpg
how do I choose which virus scanner to use with firefox?
for browser.download.manager.scanWhenDone
why would you have for than one virusscanner
it's not running any scanner
caution: it requires Windows, and a recent av
kbrosnan: I'm using clamwin, I can't configure it to work with that?
depends on the av having the correct os hooks
oh that's disappointing
kbrosnan, so there's no way I can set a path to the scanner with the new file as a parameter?
caution: http://mxr.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/source/toolkit/components/downloads/src/nsDownloadScanner.cpp
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