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hi everyone; is there a way to make firefox's accesskey function behaves how it does in Konqueror for KDE, where the user hits (not holds) the accesskey, and all the links on the page with accesskeys have little overlaid popups with the accesskey listed in them. Then the user can hit just that key and it naviagtes to that link
I found http://archivist.incutio.com/viewlist/css-discuss/38676 but it's only half of the solution..
how do you set an autogreeting thing for chatzilla when you enter a room?
kbrosnan: you may want to activate a cloak ;)
hi, how can i make google im feeling lucky the awesomebar search? i keep getting my ISPs DNS search page, which is google powered, but still.
hello channel
so how do i turn javascript off?
stupid noobs
thats not very nice.
i think that this room is meant for noobs
i know, but i hate it when they ask questions and just leave
i hope so. i tried to edit keyword.url in about:config like the pages ive found say to, but awesombar still doesnt google. (as i shamelessly interject)

cretin i have the same thing
i get search results from my isp
i contacted them for that and they said that i had to change some dns thing in my router
i dont remember what it was :x, but you could try contacting your isp for that
couldnt i just set my own dns routers?
like, on my laptop instead of my modem? or router
its worth trying
stupid isp's trying to earn money from there customers with there stupid annoying search
Does firefox listen on a port? When I do a port scan with nmap, I do not see firefox. However, I do see the packets with wireshark.
i used google's public dns, and then i had to reset my keyword.url about:config
but it works now
so now google knows what i search, but also any connection that uses DNS. great.
I want to see the data that is sent over the internet when I push a submit button of a form. How can I do that ?
hye guys
trying to build fennec but always facing this error: _xpidlgen/nsIPhoneSupport.h
n rules to make target etc etc etc
any ideas ?
I'm having huge highlight problems on some sites with firefox 3.5.6
when hovering over things, they blink a lot when the mouse moves on them between hovered and unhovered and when the mouse is still, they look unhovered
I can still click them, but it's very irritating
it doesn't happen on all sites and with all links though, but if it does then in a pretty persistant way
sometimes clicking the link, then pressing back to return to the page helps and fixes it
Help. I can't get firefox to be the default browser in ubuntu
I have some JS that is operating different based on whether the page is refreshed, or if you go to the address bar and hit enter to reload the page. How does FF differentiate them? I'm on 3.5.
I have some JS that is operating differently based on whether the page is refreshed, or if you go to the address bar and hit enter to reload the page. How does FF differentiate them? I'm on 3.5.
hi, should .textContent preserve newlines ? https://developer.mozilla.org/En/DOM/Node.textContent (or is there a better place to ask about firefox and javascript)
firefox just ate my bookmarks and trying to restore from any backups says "unable to process the backup file"
anyone have any suggestions?
oh, it seems to be just 3.6b5 that has problems. sent back to 3.5.6 and it seems fine...
hello, I really like a feature of Safari: when you maximize it maximizes only up to a size that the current web page fits enough, is there a FF add-on that does that
does anyone know a good twitter extension for firefox. One that supports retwitting. I can't stand echofon anymore. Chromed bird for google chrome is much better, but I want one for firefox
how about https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4664
VR^, let me see.
VR^, it's interesting, but i can't follow my friends with it, can I?
hi guys
I'm using linux and just got a new USB drive
I want to install portable apps like firefox or thunderbird on it
but how can I change the default profile dir?
You know .. when I'm using the USB drive on another computer
I want to have my profile there too
all extensions disabled. flash and java disabled. 3.5.6. opening one tab (google) uses 160 mb virtual, 70 mb res. this can't be right. what exactly is using so much memory?
blackdeagle, instead you can use synchronization add-ons
blackdeagle, such as weave and siphon

oh so my whole profile is being saved online?
not all of it though
bookmarks, addons etc
that should do it
weave looks cool, I guess I'm using that
but what about my thunderbird profile?
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