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Hello. I have a database lookup in a router that should be used to fill both address_data (which is later stored in a header) and route_data, and can be used as a condition. I'd rather like to avoid three requests when I can do only one. Is it possible to retrieve the value from that request and use it for all of the three parameters?
first, if the three requests are textually identical and all pure selects. only the first will be done (and the result cached for the others)
second, if you do the address_data thing: "When the expansion succeeds, the value is retained with the address, and can be accessed using the variable $address_data in the current router,"
(says the docs, chapter 15)
jgh_, oh. Yeah, I actually didn't think about it. My bad, thank you very much.
will condition work with def: check in that case? If the empty query result is assigned to the $address_data?
as in, condition should fail if $address_data database query hasn't returned anything.
def: purely looks at non/empty
ok, thanks
Hi, some days ago somebody was asking about long physical header lines. Still hanging around here?
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