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What would people recommend for redundant mailstore? I'm using maildir at the moment and I have exim filters in .forward file as I prefer the added flexibility I get over sieve
Should I do an unseen router to deliver on backup mailstore? or something else?
e.g. deliver to primary unless on backup unless there is a timeout and do a fallback delivery to backup and use dovecot replication from there
oozbooz: multiple queue runners can be dispatched with -q, however, they will contend with each other on the mail spool, if you watch the logs you'll see messages to that effect. in my experience, the primary cause of slow 2nd attempt delivery is the remote side bottlenecking throughput, especially with techniques like greylisting in place. is this a dedicated outbound mail server or is it doing other work
Hey, all. Looking for advice on this build failure with exim https://bpaste.net/show/f6f1a66d279b Is it me, or should I file this?
EC_KEY is defined in an openssl header file
check you have openss-devel (or similar) package installed
jgh_: thanks for the pointer, and quick reply.
does <remote_max_parellel> effect how fast queued messages get sent?
»This option controls parallel delivery of one message to a number of remote hosts.«
sure, but I have a single 100s messages with 50 recipients/permessage waiting in a queue...
correction ... sorry, identical 100s messages
going out to different hosts?

well, all email are the same domain, but MX records for this domain has 4-5 SMTP servers
occasionally I see my email get delivered to smtp02/03/04 etc...
oozbooz: Sorry, Ill just stop trying to help you. I get the impression that you keep dancing around the issue in the hopes of finding something that will help speed everything up and then ask general questions about settings or so. But you never actually show us the issue, using hard facts, logs, etc. That is how getting help works the best: show or even demonstrate the actual issue to knowledgeable people
and get their opinion or problem analysis for the real deal. I dont mean to be rude or condescending, but Im only wasting my time by responding to your inquiries, it seems, as nothing seems to have helped so far. I wish you good luck and hope you dont take it the wrong way that Ill ignore you more or less.
henk, I am sorry for wasting your time... I will try not to take this personal ... [crying, sobbing ...]
(Action) uninstalling exim... installing postfix...
thanks henk, anyway
oozbooz: IRC is a very bad transport for emotions, but I think thats sarcasm. I hope it is. & Is it?
I'm delighted!
That was communicated pretty well :)
rjek, thank you
This evening has involved kimchi and beer, so I'm in a pretty good mood. Almost good enough to detangle some of my exim acls
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