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following instructions on http://mikepultz.com/2010/02/using-dkim-in-exim/ and adding dkim private key to exim - it references a "Selector", I don't understand what that is. where can I read up on that?
"exim selector" in google didn't return much
try dkim selector
ah, thanks
does dkim care about/affected by the content of the "From: " field?
appears to be 'no' from http://serverfault.com/questions/437659/dkim-spam-probability-signing-with-key-at-mail-server-vs-sender-domain but check-auth@verifier.port25.com seemsto check it, returns "identity doesn't match any headers" when the 'From: ' address does not match
jgh_: thank you
why aren't DKIM signatures written in the copy of mail saved in my sent box?
erm - scratch that. - it's becuase they are written by the mail client, before going to exim.
thanks all. dkim is working!
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