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oozbooz: Wow, are you on that space probe that took pictures of pluto or whats up with your connection? o_O
TiCPU: i/o blocked? What do you mean?
I cann't talk about all parties involved ... NDA ;-\
btw, I came up with IPTABLES rules to cap outgoing connections .. .not scalable though, but I have one client so far that circling in outer space
hum, intriguing & but seriously: I stopped using my 56k modem over a decade ago and now have GBit at home. I really wonder what the reasoning for a 1200Bd connection or even a 56k modem might be. Cant you shed some light? Unrelated but also seriously: that explains why you are so worried about this issue. Had I known that earlier, I wouldnt have said "you worry too much" so often (:
henk, the network had become unavailable for that period of time
and most important part, the file system is on the said network
the network for the MTA was still accessible
TiCPU: ah, i see. And what exactly is your question?
henk, is it possible to have exim4 continue routing mails even if it can't write to disk. The logic behind this is that even if a mail can't be written to disk, if it can be delivered, you only need to write to syslog file, not to disk.
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