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Can anyone help? All the e-mail our server sends gets delivered to the spam folder if it gets sent to a hotmail, gmail, or yahoo account.. I'm guessing it's because it's coming from apache@our-server.dynamically.assigned.hostname and not from our proper FQDN - is there a way to set that?
it may not be just the hostname, but depending on where thats being set, there are a number of ways to configure that
you can also rewrite addresses
petemc: not sure what you mean by rewrite address.. can you elaborate? or provide a link? (maybe its just cause im way more drunk now than i was when i initially asked the question heheheh)
Q: I can send email from the command line ok but I keep getting this in my logs when trying from php mail(): xxxx@xxxx.com is undeliverable: Unrouteable address. I've Googled all day this issue and still no solution. Anyone?
Q: Actually I noticed that Exim is only NOT sending emails for local domains on this server. Other domains works fine. I've Googled but don't see a solution. Can anyone help?
i'm trying to add tls support to my exim installation, but i'm getting this "no shared cipher" error, any idea how to fix this?
(openssl ciphers prints out many ciphers, so i guess the problem is in the exim configuration)
tg: anything else in the logs? tried the debugging mode?
but there's not much more tls related messages there
in the exim config i have these options set: tls_certificate tls_privatekey tls_advertise_hosts tls_on_connect_ports
tg: did you create an rsa or dsa key?

could be a broken client
no, tried with multiple clients, openssl s_client as well
i could try to recompile exim with a newer openssl, though
if you don't have tls_require_ciphers my guess would be that their could be something wrong with your cert/key... or openssl ... good luck :)
well, I tried with a different cert/key as well
ok, i'll try a few more things, bbl
ofuk :>
problem was that i split the config file and forgot to compile it into one, so the tls cert options were not in there
so everything works now :)
hi. just moved a web application to a new server with exim 4 mta with a smarthost configuration. the web process is running as user 'www', and all mail is being sent as 'www@domain.com'. the smarthost is rejecting the mail as the user 'www' doesn't exist for that domain - so i need to send mail as 'application@domain.com'. i have edited /etc/email-addresses and added 'www: application@domain.com', but exim seems to be ignoring it. can anyone help?
i've been searching docs for the past hour and a half... :(
accuser: you may want to set untrusted_set_sender = * ; read related documentation
iamkoos: hmm. i have tried what you suggested, and it is still doing the same. i must be missing something obvious here
I'm having some difficulties configuring DKIM on exim
it's not signing the messages, but it's not showing any kind of error either
I'm on a Ubuntu 10.4 server, Exim's version is 4.71
I've added to /etc/exim4/conf.d/transport/30_exim4-config-remote_smtp the values indicated by the documentation and some tutorial
(driver, dkim_domain, dkim_selector, dkim_private_key, dkim_canon)
but I haven't had luck as of yet
can somebody help me? Thanks
to check it I'm using check-auth@verifier.port25.com
Papiolenc: *sure* it's not working? if you set dkim_strict = true on the transport does it defer the delivery? have some or other complaint?
Papiolenc: if it does fail, but doesn't provide a useful error, try exim -d -M [message id] ... didn't have any problem getting it working me :s
hi iamkoos
i did not set dkim_strict=true
I'll try it
anyway finally I set up a method where the dkim is applied in application code
but I would like to do it through exim
it does nothing
no error, no dkim
well, thanks
I'll set it back to application code
Papiolenc: that works too :)
Papiolenc: my only guess in such case would be that it isn't using the transport you expect it to? but i haven't tested dkim_strict personally :s and if you have a working solution that's surely good enough :)
I'm having a problem with "T=remote_smtp defer (-53)" messages. This is my setup:
Internet > exim01 > Astaro spam filter > GroupWise
In main.log on exim01, I see a ton of "T=remote_smtp defer (-53)" when routing messages to the internal Astaro spam filter. All messages seem to eventually come through, but why would I be getting the "defer" messages if only exim01 can talk to the Astaro spam filter?
Sorry, full error message line is:
R=to_amg01 T=remote_smtp defer (-53): retry time not reached for any host
'retry time not reached for any host' << means what it says, have a look at your retry rules ...
as well as what deferred delivery in the first place (funny things in the DNS?)
whats exim doing there anyway? generally it makes sense to run spam-filtering as an edge device ..... @ ah-ha
@iamkoos: I wouldn't have done that, except I had a need for address rewriting that the Astaro doesn't have an option for
ok ;)
@iamkoos: Could I set a line for retries to the spam filter like this: * F,7d,1m;
moreover, how can I tell WHY it's being deferred in the first place? I'm not doing a DNS lookup on my spam filter for the router:
driver = manualroute
transport = remote_smtp
route_list = domain.net ;
ah-ha: i think the domain name you're retrying mail for is supposed to be where you have the IP ...
ah-ha: look for delivery errors in the logs early in the lifespan of the message
was gaming, sorry :s