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Hi all! I'm still quite an exim novice, so I'm sorry if the problem I'm having sounds a bit too simple
I've read that sender address verification is disregarded nowadays (I'm probably quite late to the game, given the fact that most resources which warn about it are from 2007)
it can be useful to do basic verification, lots of people dont appreciate callouts
SAV blocked a lot of spam for me in the past
most of the time with the usual and expected "unknown repient" message from the remote sender
but recently I became unsure if this setup is still so good as I thought, as one of the remote servers blocked my SAV because of a missing BATV signature
I found this basic howto in the wiki http://wiki.exim.org/BATV%20signed%20address but now wonder if it is worth to setup at all, if SAV itself is the thing which I should probably just disable (somehow) and simply trust my SpamAssassin instance which runs afterwards anyways...
ls -al
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