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hi there
is there any gui tool something like webinterface through which i can shft my emails from one server to another through imap ?
Im confused with retry rules
I would like to set a retry rule to example.com retry every minute at firts 5 attempts or so
can I do that?
F,10m,1m; F,16h,2m,2
is that ok?
so every minute in the first 1'0 minutes
then two minutes , then 4, then 8, until 16h ?
cusco: the retry rules are more of a guideline for when retries are allowed to happen... how often they occur in actuality is dependant on when a queue runner picks them up ...
also your second retry rule doesn't look right... you probably want G instead of F .... download yourself a copy of the exim specification :)
iamkoos: eys I did a G, I was mistaken
well it worked
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