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hi all
"450 Temporary local problem - please try later" - is it standard exim message ?
borei_: What's in the logs?
only this
and i'm getting it from one of the smtp server
actually i need to descrbe configuration
exim pool ---------> antispam scanner (smtp proxy) ----------> exim pool
exim pool - the same
so there is sort of loop
on the exim side i'm getting that error from antispam scanner
but vendor of that scanner is saying that because they are proxy that message is coming from exim pool (on the right hand side)
is anyone using ratelimit here? if so for what? can you give examples or actual use cases from your config?
An example from my config: blocks any IP which repeatedly connects but has DNS errors.
condition = $host_lookup_deferred
ratelimit = 20 / 60s / per_cmd / connect-$sender_host_address
set TMP = fast-connecting IP host_lookup_deferred \
(rate=$sender_rate limit=$sender_rate_limit period=$sender_rate_period)
acl = add_to_ipblocker
where add_to_ipblocker modifies the firewall.
djce: oh, can you also give me that acl please?
it just makes a readsocket call to a daemon I have that does the actual modifications.
Not in a position to share the daemon code, sorry.
but if you wanted a simple version, you could (I suppose) have a shell script which takes in the IP to block, modifies the firewall (using iptables or whatever you have on your box), and schedules an "at" job for later to unblock it.
then allow your exim user to sudo that script
ok, no problem :) thanks a lot!
and call ${run sudo ... } from exim.conf

oh, didn't know that one :) good to know too. thanks
Kind of rough-n-ready version.
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