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hi, Im looking for a howto to set up smtp-auth from linux users. can anyone point me in the right direction?
exim.org, docs, the authentication section
not really a how to tho
the default config should have something you can easily adapt to your needs
thanks petemc
where's the 'ratelimit' acl condition usually used?
or where is its use most sensible/
hi all
question to community
is there any way to integrate DCC checks directly into exim, not using SA ?
Hi. Any suggestions for an IMAP server. I usually use Cyrus but would not mind something more admin friendly. I currently have a mailscanner, exim, sa, clamd setup running. Webbased. Also an openldap and phpldapadmin. Something matching would be cool
Zathraz: Dovecot!
mooperd, yes, but how about integration with the other stuff? Does it handle shared mailboxes. is there a (web)GUI, does it integrate well with my current LDAP setup?
Zathraz: probably. Its pretty full featured

Zathraz: dovecot dovecot and dovecot
shared mailboxes, ldap, postgres. mysql
migration is transparent
webUI ? didn't get how it can be related to IMAP/POP server
does anyone has experience with exim+dcc (not through SA)
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