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I've installed exim, with spamassassin and clamav on ubuntu server, using apt-get, but now am having problems configuring a slightly different config... here goes the explanation of what I'm trying to do....
All emails @longdomain.com are received by an hosted server on the internet. They are then forwarded to @shortdomain.com, the IP for which is our internet connection which fowards port 25 traffic to the exim server. The exim server then spam and virus checks the emails and forwards them to an exchange server (sorry but it works well for us)....
It's the exim bit I'm having problems configuring (obviously)... can anyone point to a good example anywhere thats similar?
mail comes from somewhere and is forwarded to some other server? nothing to special about it imho...
Nunners: what's your problem about it?
henk: I think the main problem is that the ip address I'm forwarding to is local, and not the dns resolved address... so I need to setup a smarthost, which when I'm using the config setup thing on ubuntu, it doesn't allow me....
I don't think...!
Can you copy in a mail in the exim queue to be processed again, normally my queue files are -D and -H so 2 files per mail, but the mail i would like to get processed again is a normal "mail" file with headers and content in 1
you'll need to resubmit it, formail from procmail can do that
there are other ways too
just not with exim directly
ya thats what google was hinting at
sux i dont have time for it right now, but good to know its possible
good afternoon
I'd like to set up exim4 to use gmail's smtp servers. My server hosts different domains though. Tutorials like http://wiki.debian.org/GmailAndExim4 only talk about adding account details to passwd.client for just one account. I would like to be able to use different accounts using one and the same smtp server based on the domain. Is this possible?
does it require the same approach as mentioned in the tutorial or should it be done completely different?
anyone got the combination clamd/spamassassin/exim/mailscanner running on either Lenny or Squeeze?
I get the infamous: Clamd::ERROR:: UNKNOWN CLAMD RETURN ./lstat() failed: Permission denied. ERROR :: /var/spool/MailScanner/incoming/5461
experimented a lot with rights etc. Followed docs, reread readme-s etc. Some of these tools seem to change ownership on the fly as well as creating and removing directories.
this makes debuging a hell
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