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How can I check if my .forward file is used on a delivery? I'm sure there is a command-line test but I cannot figure out which one. :)
Hey everyone. I'm getting "Warning: Sender rate 0.0 / 1h" from sending out emails. What might be causing this?
hey there folks. I seem to have a wee problem with 4.71. I'm doing 'maildir_tag=,S=$message_size,W=${eval:$message_size+$message_linecount}' in an appendfile router. The problem is the value for S is correct whilst the value for W is always off by 4. am I making bad assumptions there or is there something wrong with exim?
yes. I was using vim and its idea of number of lines and size of msg == dovecots but is out by 4 wrt exims idea of size+linecount.
Hi everyone. I have a quick question: is it possible to disable clamav, spamassassin, or rbl for the messages comming from trusted hosts?
I meant, to disable these checks.
henk, thank you. Can you give me a hint to the right documentation, or explain shortly, and I will investigate myself?
badserii: i set an acl variable if the recipient is abuse or postmaster. later when i do spam and virus checking i also check the variable.
henk, thank you.
gey guys, I have a machine running debian lenny with exim4 and hosting a website via httpd. This website uses exim to send messages from it's domain to external addresses, but sometimes it also needs to send stuff @ it's own hostname.
s/gey/hey/ :)
Can anyone please tell me if there's an option to tell exim to stop accepting email for the local domain, and instead resolve the address?
(the MX points somehwere else)
I've tried dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config, but the options there imply accepting mail for the local domain, and I've tried grepping the looots of config files in /etc/exim4 for the domain name, but got no hits

hello I created a little routeur in order to redirect all mails to lau@lau.lau to titi@titi.titi
problem, when i receive the email at titi@titi.titi the "from" is unknown.
How can I fix that ?
guys, all asleep? :)
Hi, I am running exim4 as internet host, I wish to limit 1 IP that will be possible to send mails only to 1 domain while the other ips that have access to the server will be able to send email to all the domain, how can I do such limitation? limit relay_domains per incoming client ip
And another question, I have multiple IPs on the machine, how can I set the outgoing ip for exim?
(using debian stable)
Uriell: for the first question you need to create a condition in your exim config, you can see some examples here: http://wiki.exim.org/FAQ
don't take my word for it tho, I'm new to exim too :)
I can't find something like what I need :\
I want to separate users by their ip address, they got fixed ips, so i want 1 user to be able to send mails to * and another user to send mails to specific domain.com
it appears that if I forge the mail myself via telnet myexim 25 then EHLO ... MAIL FROM: ... RCPT TO: .... then
the email is properly redirected according to router definition but
the sender address is set unknown sender
whereas if I send an email via my mail client then the sender is me, any idea ?
Your honor, is there a question coming any time soon?
lau: Read up on the difference between the message envelope (MAIL FROM:) and the From: header
hello. how to solve problem with "somamail@ failed to verify: Unrouteable address"?
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