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is there a way to notify $local_part@$domain that a mail have been drop/discard/deny ?
when $local_part@$domain is not the sender but the recipient
tricky question, i don't know that
i personally fakereject/deny messages, and these messages are delivered into the Junk folder
ah yes
that's a solution
But, i'd like to reject them
to not fakereject virus
but just send a summary of operations
beber: firstly, your plan won't work if you drop/deny at connect/helo/mail time.
But assuming you don't do any of those things,
i.e. that all your rejections are at rcpt/pre-data/data time,
then it sounds like you could periodically grep the reject log, work out who might be interested in each rejection, and tell them.
not so efficient, but possible too
Certainly not something that Exim can do for you - apart from helping you ensure that whatever data you want ends up in the reject log.
that's mainly for acl/data check
other parts are ok
hi I need some advice/help with making exim4 able to relay emails to an exchange server.
I have an external mail domain domain.com governed as mail exchanger by ms exchange server.
I want to setup exim so I can send email to the domain.com from intranet machine.
that machine happens to be exim server.
I have no idea what I am doing wrong.
phx: I remember you tried to help, and we didn't go through it.
are you here ?
but you think something is wrong already?

I setup'ed my exim as user of a smarthost.
but you are not telling us why or what... so we can't help.
henk: I think of a discussion and questions for me.
sobersabre: i think of you stating your problem as thoroughly as possible. we are not gonna pull every piece of information out of your nose. YOU want help. YOU do the work.
of course. no problem.
sobersabre: read the smart questions howto. it might help.
henk: I've read it and turned people to read it often ;-)
barefoot shoemaker
sobersabre: looks like you need to read it again...
let's start over.
sobersabre, i'm around, but i've got work to do
and listen to henk, he's a lot better than me :)
ok. post-dinner :)
there's a network
there's a domain controller srv, aka mail exchange server, responsible for domain.com, and domain.local dns, and mail domains.
it currently works.
it doesn't allow external smtp connections.
sorry doesn't allow IMAP/POP
henk: is it clear so far ?
phx: huh? regarding what? exim? hard to believe...
sobersabre: i think so, yes.
now, I have internal machine (codename: projects) with project management software.
I want this machine to run exim, and to send the emails to domain.com (my own domain) as one of this domain's users.
or as regular domain users.
I initially thought I should setup exim only, to use exchange (srv) as smarthost.
but apparently it doesn't work.
the error I'm getting "Client was not authenticated".
this means I need to setup something on srv.
this is where I'm stuck (no idea how one does manage exchange)
If somebody here did something I do now, I'd be happy.
google shows articles about an oposite situation:
exim is the main domain server ("upfront"), and exchange is the one who's using it as smarthost.
am I explaining ok ?
sobersabre, start checking exchange's settings, allaround
I checked and I don't even understand based on what did it reject authentication.
maybe I should add the linux machine into the domain, and then it will be ok...
not really
you can specify smarthosts and ranges from where exchange doesn't require authentication
phx: I don't understand: if exchange needs authentication - how do I make sure it works ?
I did setup username/password on the exim server.
so I expected something like "bad pass" or something, from exchange.
but I got "client not authenticated", and I don't understand what it means - "client" == user trying to authenticate, or "client" == computer trying to connect
not really exchange that needs auth, but your setup needs it
I have created a file /etc/exim4/client.passwd
in the format: *:username:password
sobersabre: and how do you use that file in exim?

henk: what do you mean how do I use it ?
sobersabre: show us that part of the config, where that file is used.
hello, is there an equivalent of helo_allow_chars in exim 4.71?
2010-05-25 14:21:08 Exim configuration error in line 851 of /usr/local/etc/exim/configure: option "helo_allow_chars" unknown
it should still work
hmm, perhaps it needs to go somewhere else in the file then
Simon-: thank you, put it in the wrong section
hi all
for recipient verification callout
is it possible to specify numbe rof callouts ?
in the log i see 3
anybody ?
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