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hi all, i use exim as a smart host for email. I need to plain auth to my ISP to send mail
How can i configure exim to send an auth when handing of a message?
hi all
i try to get http://wiki.exim.org/EximAutoReply running
I use exim4 on debian with split configuration; mailboxes are in /home/$user/Maildir
the point is the <location_of_user_home_directory>, to what should I set this one to?
if I set it to /home/, then the resulting filepath will be /home/.vacation.msg
so there must be some kind of placeholder
argh, it doesnt even *create* $home/.vacation.log
hey, anyone online?
i try to get http://wiki.exim.org/EximAutoReply running
i use example #2
however even if the mail router is placed before local_user router
local_user does the transport
HardDisk_WP, topic, docs
phx, do you have something concrete where I should look?
HardDisk_WP, hes. exim config syntax, how exim works, how router evaluation works, router-specific options, router details, generic options for routers, same for transports
just to mention a few
hey, i dont have 6hrs to read into docs, when the solution surely is done in 2 minutes and hitting ctrl+c and ctrl+v.
sorry, then i can't help you
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